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a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten

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During the gunfight, a Territorial Army ( TA) trooper was shot dead by the militants along with his sniffer dog
Troops confronted him in the remote town of Timbuscatio, where the gunfight took place on Sunday.
In the ensuing gunfight, Cutri's brother Antonino was shot and later died of his injuries, according to news reports which likened the shootout near Milan to a scene from the Wild West.
The gunfight and the revenge arson in the old Cairo neighborhood of el-Moski are the latest signs of lawlessness that has struck Egypt during two years of political turmoil.
The gunfight was set off after Indian army troops who were conducting an anti-insurgency operation in Bochu Tral village on specific input about presence of a group of heavily armed militants were fired upon by the hiding militants.
According to Rosenfeld, after the gunfight broke out, the man took a hostage but killed himself before the standoff could reach a head.
A year later, Tulsiram Prajapati, a prime witness to the incident, was allegedly killed in another staged gunfight in Chapri village of Gujarat's Banaskantha district.
In his article, Regimental Chief Warrant Officer Albaugh references a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) study which shows that the action/reaction lag times among suspects and law enforcement officers render the first few seconds of a gunfight critical to survival.
COLOMBO (TAP) - At least 27 people were killed and a senior police officer seriously wounded when a gunfight broke out in Welikada, Sri Lanka's biggest prison, which began when police came under fire from inmates, officials and police said on Saturday.
In my new book Combat Shooting from the Gun Digest folks, I make the point that, "A shooting match is not a gunfight, but a gunfight most definitely is a shooting match.
CAIRO: An Egyptian army officer and conscript were killed on Wednesday in a gunfight with Bedouins that broke out when military police tried to remove them from state land in the Suez governorate east of Cairo, security sources said.
We have retrieved the bodies of the bandits from Meghan estuary of the bay (of Bengal) following more than three hours of gunfight," said local police chief Mizanur Rahman.
Clash erupted between the Taliban and security forces, he said, adding the gunfight lasted till afternoon.
He also killed Ali Bektas and injured two other men with a firearm in the gunfight in the Aegean seaside town of Foca.
DAVID Haye has warned Wladimir Klitschko he is "coming to a gunfight unarmed" this summer while declaring his nemesis slow and onedimensional.