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Ritter von Rettegh stated that Gaunt called him to his office on April 26, 1915, and asked what the effect would be of sea water coming into contact with guncotton.
Nitroglycerine, guncotton and petroleum jelly were combined and extruded into spaghetti-like strands to make the revolutionary, double-based propellant.
They fired at point-blank range into the nearby loopholes - the officers using their pistols as Captain Aylmer of the Engineers laid a charge of guncotton slabs at the foot of the gate.
Ironically, collodion never made it as a billiard ball: The plastic, whose scientific name is cellulose nitrate, is more popularly known as guncotton, a mild explosive.
It used a glass plate coated with collodion, a highly flammable, syrupy solution of guncotton (nitrocellulose), alcohol, and ether, mixed with various iodides and bromides.
The process was suited to both landscape and portrait photography, and the viscous liquid described by the son consisted of guncotton dissolved in ether and alcohol.