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Ritter von Rettegh stated that Gaunt called him to his office on April 26, 1915, and asked what the effect would be of sea water coming into contact with guncotton.
Nitroglycerine, guncotton and petroleum jelly were combined and extruded into spaghetti-like strands to make the revolutionary, double-based propellant.
All grenades had fuses of one sort or another and many of the early types were homemade affairs consisting of guncotton or some other type of explosive surrounded by nails, scrap metal, whatever was at hand, with the whole mess stuffed into the center of a discarded jam tin, in which a regular old fashion slow fuse was placed.
The process was suited to both landscape and portrait photography, and the viscous liquid described by the son consisted of guncotton dissolved in ether and alcohol.
This was achieved by lowering two or three slabs of guncotton on string into the bore hole after the fuse was lit.