gunboat diplomacy

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diplomacy in which the nations threaten to use force in order to obtain their objectives

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Poss's 33-page dissertation, evocatively titled "Air Power: New Gunboat Diplomacy," defended in 1994 at the Naval War College.
To Cable, gunboat diplomacy could be categorized among four modes, which he discusses in descending order of effectiveness.
But at a time when the FA was launching its lengthy schmooze-athon, it hardly helped that their old friends at the Premier League were indulging in gunboat diplomacy.
In international politics, gunboat diplomacy refers to the pursuit of
There should not be a place for gunboat diplomacy and power politics.
On one side, it is a strategic tool, part of the gunboat diplomacy that has characterised US foreign policy toward the Islamic Republic for quite some time.
Evidently, the Australians were not keen to practice gunboat diplomacy.
I'm disappointed that Quarriers have decided to fall back on gunboat diplomacy by threatening our members with the sack.
To me, the way this decision has been made is just another example of gunboat diplomacy which in the end causes more problems than it solves.
Defence diplomacy must not be confused with the related concepts of military diplomacy, naval diplomacy, gunboat diplomacy and coercive diplomacy; concepts that also occupy space at the military-diplomatic nexus.
Don Pacifico; the acceptable face of gunboat diplomacy.
Others think this is little more than gunboat diplomacy, designed to force the Lebanese opposition and its foreign backers to quit putting obstacles in the way of a long overdue presidential appointment.
You could interpret Bush's recent actions towards Iran in two ways - either he is increasing pressure on the regime in order to soften it up for talks over its uranium enrichment plans, or this is classic gunboat diplomacy in which the US is preparing for some kind of punitive action", said Haass.