gunboat diplomacy

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diplomacy in which the nations threaten to use force in order to obtain their objectives

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While it is true that over the ages relatively small naval units have been effective at conducting gunboat diplomacy, in most cases they were the most powerful military forces on the scene.
At the end of the day the only reason the Falklands became British was through gunboat diplomacy and we are pretty light on the gunboats these days.
Shen Dingli, a security expert at Shanghai's Fudan University, said the role of these vessels was to demonstrate "soft power" and avoid the impression that China was engaged in gunboat diplomacy.
In Honduras, Protestant influence had spread contiguously with the United Fruit Company during the period of Gunboat Diplomacy.
This logic of the absurd, this gunboat diplomacy must end by Turkey if it wants to be a modern state which wants to join the EU," Christofias said.
But at a time when the FA was launching its lengthy schmooze-athon, it hardly helped that their old friends at the Premier League were indulging in gunboat diplomacy.
In international politics, gunboat diplomacy refers to the pursuit of
Wilson using his best judgment, and following the gunboat diplomacy of the preceding generation, sent 330 U.
There should not be a place for gunboat diplomacy and power politics.
On one side, it is a strategic tool, part of the gunboat diplomacy that has characterised US foreign policy toward the Islamic Republic for quite some time.
The result: a graphic demonstration of gunboat diplomacy.
Evidently, the Australians were not keen to practice gunboat diplomacy.
I'm disappointed that Quarriers have decided to fall back on gunboat diplomacy by threatening our members with the sack.