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a small shallow-draft boat carrying mounted guns

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His citation explained: "The Comet had been ordered with other gunboats to examine and, if possible, destroy an obstruction placed across the river by the Turks.
The persistent and indiscriminate killing of civilians, including non-combatant women and children, was summed up by the shocking incident on Wednesday when an Israeli gunboat fired several shells at children under 15 playing football on Gaza beach, killing four and leaving another critically injured.
The days when we could send a gunboat and frighten the life out of Johnny Foreigner are long gone.
Summary: Manila: The Philippine Navy deployed a gunboat and a surveillance plane to a World Heritage-listed .
even when I was there, a gunboat lay in the bay to assist the authorities.
A few months ago, a British destroyer fired warning shots when one Pasdar gunboat maneuvered as if to ram the destroyer.
Liberal Democrat council and group leaders condemn the gunboat diplomacy of the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles over council cuts, which are needlessly worse in not allowing councils to phase changes.
This logic of the absurd, this gunboat diplomacy must end by Turkey if it wants to be a modern state which wants to join the EU," Christofias said.
Never mind running around the world with a gunboat.
Summary: An aid ship rammed nearly two weeks ago by an Israeli gunboat while trying to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip has yet be properly examined or undergo initial repairs, according to its captain, despite having been docked in Lebanon since the New Year.
The reader finds oneself listening for the scream of a cannon ball piercing the boiler of a Mississippi gunboat or imagining that shells were getting closer to the ship as enemy gunners honed in on their target.
In mid-2001 an Iranian gunboat forced a BP-hired exploration vessel to leave an oil-rich area disputed between Iran and Azerbaijan.
It was successful in severely damaging, but not sinking, the Turkish gunboat Peykisevket.