gun trigger

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lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun


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He described how the gunman got out of the hired car, opened the door to the house and pulled the gun trigger.
Its gun trigger acts as the shutter trigger and it takes 10 negatives on 2 x 2cm glass dry plates held in metal sheaths.
His body was found at his post the next day, finger still on the machine gun trigger.
The city purchased 544 metal gun trigger locks at $5 each using funds from the police department's confiscation and forfeiture account.
Rotate the plunger tip so that it points up and begin to squeeze the caulk gun trigger.
But since my test gun trigger broke at around 3 clean, creep-free pounds right out of the box, I didn't feel any need to adjust it.
223 Rem features an 18" match-grade stainless steel custom fluted barrel with a SureFire Muzzlebrake/Suppressor Adapter, Geissele 3-1/2-pound SUper 3 Gun Trigger and assorted Magpul components.