gun smoke

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smoke created by the firing of guns

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That first sight mixed with the smell of gun smoke will never leave me.
Visitors were transported back to America of the 1880s and enjoyed the smell of gun smoke, the crack of bullwhips and the swirling of lariats with some mighty fine brawls and even a shootout.
Redemption will be found only when the air is filled with gun smoke.
Six standard ready-mixed colors are offered: Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gun Smoke, Silver and Charcoal.
The first is a traditional AR pistol built by Gun Smoke Enterprises.
Admiral Parker's view from his 98-gun flagship London lying to the north was obscured by clouds of gun smoke, but he could see the distress signals flying from the grounded British vessels and it was clear that the Danes were still unsubdued.
Here, you can have the best of Desi food at Salt n' Pepper Village; Continental and Afghani food at Freddy's cafe; Portuguese at Nando's; Mexican at Gun Smoke and exclusive Italian cuisine at cafe Aylanto.
oh, and cat lovers might be traumatised as well, but it will leave you laughing through the gun smoke.
The island of Okinawa you could hardly see, as the gun smoke and dust was up 500 feet high or so.
But, I am wondering how much time the captain has around a Hog and his knowledge of what the desert life and gun smoke from the seven barrels of "whoop butt" does to a "clean" aircraft.
The man, who was in the Bristol Channel on a sailing sloop called Gun Smoke, was knocked into the water unconscious after being hit by the boom of the yacht at around 3pm on Sunday.
In fact, the site has gained a heap of attention in recent years for the simplicity of its formula of slapping up newsworthy documents, splashing a bit of explanation on top and, well, letting the gun smoke.
Gun Smoke Outdoor Sports sales representative Joe Moore said the women's market is growing in his area and that most of the firearms bought for or by women are primarily for hunting.