gun smoke

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smoke created by the firing of guns

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Owned by Ed Basile, Gun Smoke Enterprises has been building AR type rifles for some 20 years now.
oh, and cat lovers might be traumatised as well, but it will leave you laughing through the gun smoke.
Just trigger the stylish swing-stoppered bottle and, after a sharp pop and a swirl of gun smoke, out surges the tawny foam.
But, I am wondering how much time the captain has around a Hog and his knowledge of what the desert life and gun smoke from the seven barrels of "whoop butt" does to a "clean" aircraft.
The man, who was in the Bristol Channel on a sailing sloop called Gun Smoke, was knocked into the water unconscious after being hit by the boom of the yacht at around 3pm on Sunday.
In fact, the site has gained a heap of attention in recent years for the simplicity of its formula of slapping up newsworthy documents, splashing a bit of explanation on top and, well, letting the gun smoke.
Gun Smoke Outdoor Sports sales representative Joe Moore said the women's market is growing in his area and that most of the firearms bought for or by women are primarily for hunting.
Like many children our daily lives and entertainment were barrage balloons, mobile anti-aircraft gun smoke screens (to be lit unofficially) and picking up metal pieces from previous night raids.
Later, they will be treated to a son et lumiere mock sea battle with 17 tall ships, gun smoke and state-of-the-art pyrotechnics at 7pm.
Capcom, Mega Man, Street Fighter, 1942, Ghosts N' Goblins, Gun Smoke, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry and Onimusha are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co.
White House drama returns where the last show left off - and the gun smoke is still clearing following an assassination attempt on President Josh Bartlett (Martin Sheen).
Gun smoke from Kashmir unrest and looming elections has partly obscured India's improving fortunes, but a series of data shows an economy in active recovery mode after a three-year slowdown.
Then we have to go back to school, walk the corridors where the smell of gun smoke still lingers, an awful lot like the Old West.
Its flavors and aromas - wild herbs, wet hay, gooseberries, gun smoke, and sometimes fresh figs - are never shy and can be downright sassy.
an excellent album of sex sweat, bourbon breath, gun smoke and guitar sleaze.