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wale at the top of the side of boat

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It comes with a built-in, down-bow gun rest, a spray shield, three handles and a brass drain plug.
The second gun rest is utilized mainly for holding rifles and shotguns for routine work.
The gun rest and base are padded to keep from clinging to the metal and its patented base design hugs the shooting rail perfectly.
With nine different shooting heights, this lightweight gun rest is perfect for zeroing and ammo testing.
An archer who also gun hunts on rare occasions can't go wrong with Summit's Viper XL ($269 or less), a climber that comes with a gun rest Also included are backpack straps, high-traction strips on the roomy 20x28 3/4-inch platform, a seat with adjustable height, "fishtail" grabbers that really grip a tree trunk, plus an 8,000-pound cable to maintain a stable platform even under the stand's capacity weight of 300 pounds.
Available accessories include a slide-on blind and gun rest.
In War, there is hardly any action: soldiers are grouped round a gun rest while casualties are brought to the Red Cross post, and mail arrives, including a parcel containing a football that the soldiers kick around until the attack alarm sounds.
Rheinmetall will also modify a system gun rest for the vehicle, as well as supply special tools and spare parts to the Bundeswehr.
Final Approach's Eliminator Cargo Blind features detachable wheels, a padded gun rest and lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame.
I arrive in the dark at an ambush site and transfer off my ATV into a camo lawn chair, face the machine, and prepare to use it as a gun rest.
MATERIALS LIST 4 20' sections of old galvanized steel irrigation pipe 2 mobile home axles with wheels Treated wood of various lengths and quantities: 2" x 2", 2" x 4", 2" x 6", 2" x 8" and 4" x 4" 10 sheets 4'x8'x1/2" treated plywood 3 sheets 4'x8'x 3/4" treated plywood for floor Lag bolts Rolled roofing material and roofing nails Plastic 3" diameter PVC for gun rest Door hinges Door latch 1 gallon of Sherwin Williams Greenbriar Exterior WoodScapes paint 2 sections 4" x 4"x 8' angle iron 2 sections 4" x 4" x 10' angle iron 4 irrigation pipe rail-support pads adjusted to water depth with steel plate feet (welded) Total cost: $1,000
The 4-in-1 Monopod can be configured to serve as a hiking staff, gun rest, binocular rest and spotting scope/camera mount.
I tried to get my body, wheelchair, and gun rest in the best position for a good shot.
Products range from those to keep you off the ground so you're not cold and wet, to those that put you in just the right position with a gun rest because turkeys have great eyesight.
Minutes later I steadied my rifle atop this impromptu gun rest and filled my tag.