gun muzzle

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the open circular discharging end of a gun


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The gun muzzle was placed about an inch from my right eye.
The actor's face was bruised and scraped slightly around his right eye and his nose, where he said the suspects pushed a gun muzzle into his face.
Precision aiming uses gun muzzle position sensors, advanced fire control algorithms, and plasma ignition to virtually eliminate gun pointing error.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Cover gun muzzle for rifle 5.
As applied to the SOCOM-II, the added two pounds make the gun muzzle heavy.
The "missiles" they saw near Kandahar were gun muzzle flashes from end of Ramadan celebrations.
When the grip is depressed, the spring pops the gun muzzle through the front of the holster, bringing it up into action much faster than a conventional draw.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of M1/1015-001564 Cover Gun Muzzle Qty 670 Nos
If you can, store the gun muzzle down to prevent preservatives from creeping down into the action, or into bedding and stock mortises.
That's slow, brings the gun down out of line of sight, and crosses everyone around with your gun muzzle.
Flash- and Sound-Ranging Sections, which reported to the AEF's G-2 and provided targeting support by determining the location and range of enemy artillery based on the flashes of gun muzzles or sound waves from artillery.
Some shooters keep thier gun muzzles plugged with oiled patches during the offseason, forgetting to remove these before shooting.
Gun muzzles should be pointed at the floor until a target is aquired.