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Gun For Hire founder and CEO Anthony Colandro says, "In a state of 8.
Angell is a proven gun for hire - and there are plenty of clubs out there who could do far worse.
NEW YORK Think of any major feature film made in New York in the last few years and chances are its production offices were located, at least temporarily, in the Gun for Hire Production Center.
Gun for Hire is the account of one of his cases as a bodyguard in that shady world where faceless criminal entrepreneurs trade arms, peddle drugs and people, corrupt politicians, and stash their fortunes in impenetrable accounts.
Conflicting theories about whether the assassin, Harry Orchard, was Haywood's gun for hire, seeking to save his own neck by implicating Haywood, or simply insane, aren't satisfactorily fleshed out.
As a screenwriter, he worked on This Gun for Hire (1942) and the patriotic films Destination Tokyo (1944) and Pride of the Marines (1945).
John LeBlanc was enlisted to direct the project for Gun For Hire by executive producer Alan Stamm.
Faro Antonio Olaguera, provincial police director, said investigators have included among the possible leads the military's information that Agapito Tamparong Democer, a member of the Revolutionary Proletariat Army (RPA) and a suspected gun for hire, could have been one of two suspects in Perlas' killing.
Lacadin said that Victor Rivera, a notorious gun for hire and responsible for the killing of a number of Koreans and a number of Filipino civilians, was collared by a team led by Sr.
The 72-year-old attracts a varied audience these days, thanks not only to a back catalogue stretching over 50 years but a prolific turn as the gun for hire on Pixar movies like Toy Story.
In a given week, some 300,000 shots are fired at Gun For Hire, under the careful supervision of a dozen full-time staff and 40 part-time personnel.
Bruce Willis stars as a gun for hire in a Texan bordertown.
He may still win a championship or two, but the boyish hero image has been replaced by that of a callous gun for hire.
You take on the role of John Mullins, a gun for hire guy employed by a shady US Government agency called the Shop.
He plays a deadly gun for hire who could end up training his sniper sights on the series' protagonist, portrayed by Coco.