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Gun For Hire offers club-like membership with perks.
Dennis Locorriere, Andy Fairweather Low St David's Hall, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 18-pounds 22 Former Dr Hook frontman joined by Cardiff's top gun for hire in support.
His work as a British intelligence officer turned gun for hire in the American TV series, The Equalizer, finally eclipsed that of Callan, and although the part nearly killed him when he had a major heart attack, he continued working right through the 1990s and the current decade.
The 31-year-old all-rounder, who was not considered for a more lucrative 12-month deal having retired from Test cricket at the end of the Ashes, snubbed the England and Wales Cricket Board's offer and will market himself as a limited overs gun for hire.
A mercurial gun for hire, you have shifted between jobs with money at the top of your agenda.
We're used to rooting for him but now he's a ruthless assassin, a clinical gun for hire named Vincent.
A former film critic, he crafted novels with a cinematographer's eye, and more than 40 films were made of his stories, many of them popular and critical successes, including This Gun for Hire, Ministry of Fear, Confidential Agent, Brighton Rock, Our Man in Havana, and The Comedians.
Angell is a proven gun for hire - and there are plenty of clubs out there who could do far worse.
Gun for Hire is the account of one of his cases as a bodyguard in that shady world where faceless criminal entrepreneurs trade arms, peddle drugs and people, corrupt politicians, and stash their fortunes in impenetrable accounts.
Conflicting theories about whether the assassin, Harry Orchard, was Haywood's gun for hire, seeking to save his own neck by implicating Haywood, or simply insane, aren't satisfactorily fleshed out.
John LeBlanc was enlisted to direct the project for Gun For Hire by executive producer Alan Stamm.
I recently spent four days teaching at the Gun For Hire facility in Woodland Park, N.
Bruce Willis stars as a gun for hire in a Texan bordertown.
As a freelance gun for hire, you're free to formulate your own tactics and choose your own weapons, so long as you get the job done across the nine-mission single player campaign with additional 27 secondary Contracts mode objectives.
Originally premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, "The Iceman" is a film about the life of mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski, a man appearing to live the model American life, but living a double life as a notorious gun for hire.