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a dog trained to work with sportsmen when they hunt with guns

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Over 30 years ago, Ken Roebuck, internationally known spaniel breeder and trainer (and long-time GUN DOG columnist), wrote in his book, Gun-Dog Training: Spaniels and Retrievers, "I have always believed it to be essential to keep a dog in the house with you for at least part of the day.
Irish and Gordon setters are two of the most beautiful breeds of gun dog.
As a long-time member of and judge in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), Spaeth trains and hunts his English setters as versatile gun dogs with a couple of them earning the title of Versatile Champion.
Puppy Training: The Foundation of a Gun Dog Start your pup out right.
BASC director for Wales, Glynn Cook, said the main and mini arenas will also feature continuous displays of falconry, gun dogs, ferreting, hounds and fly-casting.
First day: hounds, terriers and toy dogs; second day: working and pastoral breeds and obedience; third day: gun dogs and utility breeds plus agility.
Even in the face of family gun dogs, early on I logged memorable experiences following whatever freewheeling canine conglomerates were available.
Hot Knives, Russian Gun Dogs, Trillionaires, Shockparade, Skylight and The Diesels will battle it out on the opening night of the festival on Friday, July 1.
Dressed in a flat cap and shooting jacket with a cartridge belt,William blew a whistle to control his labrador gun dogs.
Gun dogs are smart and quickly build associations like "birds equal pain.
GUN DOGS, a Birmingham band who have been attracting a lot of music-industry interest, are one of the main attractions at this year's Whitefriars Beer and Live Music Festival in Coventry's city centre.
Snell's next hunting trips include Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Texas and Georgia, each to be visited with a truckload of gun dogs and gear.
Confirmed bands include The Pockets, Mommas in the Kitchen, The Satin Dolls, Russian Gun Dogs, Little Girl Screaming, Costafree and The Void.
It is a good idea to seek out friends who want to get the same results from their gun dogs.
The gig at the The Golden Cross, in Hay Lane, opens at 2pm, featuring bands including The Floss McEntyre, Orius, The Satin Dolls, Russian Gun Dogs, The Escape and Tmart & The Raiders.