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formerly any deck other than the weather deck having cannons from end to end

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The Lower Gun Deck still carries the original planking, while the Middle Gun Deck carries the only Trafalgar-original 32 pound cannon.
CUTLINE: (1 AND 2) Rex Stewart with his hand-carved model of the gun deck of the USS Constitution.
LEWIS Roteley, the junior marine onboard Nelson's flagship HMS Victory, was sent to the gun deck to fetch more men to replace the casualties above.
Secondly, the expression refers to a boy born at sea, specifically on the gun deck.
Also in place today on the lower gun deck is an apron knee made of oak from the Forest of Dean, donated last month by the Forestry Commission and the Oak Society.
In the 21st Century, one piece of the original oak will be used to construct an 'apron knee' for the Lower Gun Deck, a section which acts as a buttress to the deck above.
Her superstructure and gun deck were among areas damaged.
Though he was on the gun deck, he was surrounded by steel shields and didn't see much of the battle as he concentrated on handling shells.
If the Press were a Navy ship--a metaphor I think former Navy person Brown would have allowed--the place where we make the books could be thought of as the engine room, the sales department the gun deck, and the Publications Committee the bridge of the ship, where the editors of the Press meet with the committee to set the course .
Because working spaces had to be kept clear, the only place where a woman could give birth aboard ship was behind a canvas shelter jury-rigged between cannons on the gun deck.
In addition, the staterooms constructed on the gun deck for expedition members were wet, dark and inadequate for making drawings or preparing specimens.
A highlight of the tour is a room-sized replica of a pirate ship's gun deck, complete with cannons, dining area and hammocks.
Positioned first in the East Bute Dock and later at the entrance of the West Bute Dock, her gun deck was fitted out as an institute and church for the seafaring community.
The collision caused damaged to several above deck sections on the port side including the superstructure, the 30mm gun deck, the seaboat supports and the bridge wing.
Supper is a bowl of tasty Tudor stew before an evening of storytelling, singing and dancing, then turn in to sleep on blankets on the gun deck.