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chamber that is the part of a gun that receives the charge

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In 2007 a law took full effect mandating that new centerfire semiautomatic pistols include both a mechanism that prevents firing when the magazine is removed, as well as an indicator showing when a live round is in the gun chamber," the Sacramento Bee reports.
I looked the word magazine up in the dictionary and the definition is a holder in or on a gun for cartridges to be fed into the gun chamber automatically.
Initially, I thought 20" Service Rifle barrels with fat gas gun chambers might not develop enough consistency for case variations to matter.
The statement said that the forces found 2 guns, 10 gun chambers, ammunition, 2 bombs, a wireless device, and an explosives belt in possession of the two militants.
UT-Austin President Greg Fenves had previously argued that a "chambered-round" provision, which would have prohibited people carrying on campus from keeping a bullet in their gun chambers, was needed to prevent guns from accidentally firing off.
In a 45-minute discussion, regents became bogged down in debate over issues like trigger guards, bullets in gun chambers, and if and how faculty should be able to ban weapons in their individual offices.
It might have been the fractional psychological advantage he needed for when they broke at the gun Chambers was first away and quickly into his stride.
In fairness to those of you who shoot other disciplines, my testing was done with AR-15 Service Rifles with short 20" barrels and fat gas gun chambers, two characteristics known to produce fat groups and velocity spreads.