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a case for storing a gun

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In a third gun case, EDWARD LANGEVIN, age 43, believed to be of Lawrence, was arrested late Thursday, September 23, 2004, on a criminal complaint charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms.
Several years ago I purchased my first quality long gun case and I've never regretted it one bit.
Case had their factory make a few samples of more feminine gun cases.
I strongly recommend against putting a gun in a gun case," he said.
He came home with a used Mossberg, a pair of shooting glasses, a pair of Howard Leight earmuffs, two boxes of shells, a gun case, a trigger lock and a cleaning kit.
Dirt and moisture resistant, the briefcase-sized gun case has twin molded latches with accompanying padlock ports.
Avery Outdoors is owned and operated by active hunters, and when I go waterfowling, I wouldn't be without their comfortable neoprene shell belt, their PVC-lined mud bag to tote waders and gear, their waterproof guide's bag for camera and additional shells, their decoy bag, their soft-sided cooler bag for drinks and food, and last but not least, their floating gun case.
The Supreme Court has not taken up a major gun case since 2010.
Attorney Frank Papagni said Tuesday in court that Lane County prosecutors have agreed that any sentence imposed in the state cases will run simultaneously with the sentence that Aiken hands down in the federal gun case.
SOULJA Boy has been sentenced to community service and probation after making a deal with prosecutors in his gun case.
Stun Gun Case Includes Ambidextrous Triggers, Detachable Stun Gun Pack and More; Donavin Britt, Krav Maga and Self Defense Expert, Demonstrates Yellow Jacket at Tuesday Press Conference
One agent tells me each of the four locks on my gun case has to be locked every time.
Reininger just wanted to move on down the road, but officers thought something in the back scat looked like a gun case and considered that probable cause for a search.
I'd seen him load what looked like a big gun case into his car a few times, I think he went pheasant shooting.
After calling the police and filing a report, he left the property to drop off a list of the items that had been stolen, which included the contents of a gun case.