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a case for storing a gun

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A: With a standard gun case, such as the Blrchwood Casey SportLock shown here, It Is advisable to use the case only for transportation of a handgun to and from the shooting range.
New Delhi [India], July 24 ( ANI ): Pandemonium reined in Parliament on Monday when the opposition trooped into the Wells of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha to protest against the Centre's recent actions with regard to the Bofors Gun Case, frequent incidents of mob lynching arising out of the ban on cow slaughter and the National Eligibility-cum-entrance Test (NEET).
Long Gun Case lets you come and go without alarming your nosy leftist neighbor with the annoying yappy dog and chronically poor hygiene.
Even though the regulations say a gun case has to be "locked" TSA does not specify how many locks are required.
They also ruled that officers were justified in searching Reininger's car because they recognized the gun cases as evidence of a crime.
The folks at Rig'Em Right feel your pain and have come up with a floating gun case in the new Nitro Deluxe.
There is at least one gun case awaiting briefs now before the court, and multiple other Second Amendment cases are making their way to the highest court in the land.
When the landowner looked at the pile of garbage, he was surprised to find a gun case containing a very nice 30-06 rifle.
22 rifle in a gun case as he walked to his father's allotment in Eston.
The 29-year-old former IT worker's DNA also matched profiles found on the gun case for the revolver, a gun lock and a green metal ammunition can, forensic scientist Laura Bryant said.
Wisconsin PVA's Jim Rutledge received the special Cabela's award--a $500 package of items, including a hard gun case, soft gun case, large rolling duffel bag, small duffel bag, and binoculars--for the quad with the highest score.
It is illegal to carry an airgun in public unless in a securely fastened gun case.
After a "baited" package a gun case rigged with an exploding container of fluorescent dye--was opened as it passed through their work location, a FedEx security manager observed the pair marked with dye.
Combs's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said the new charge was an attempt to shore up a weak gun case against his client.
Take to the road or friendly skies with the GunCruzer Universal 6-pack gun case - and experience the security and ease provided by yet another CaseCruzer innovation.