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a framework on which a gun is mounted for firing

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There the coffin was transferred to a horse-drawn gun carriage before processing around the city centre and finally to the Service of Compline at Leicester Cathedral.
A RARE and well-preserved 350-year-old gun carriage - described as a national treasure - has been raised from the depths from a 17th century shipwreck.
I was at St James's Palace, on the corner of Marlborough Road and The Mall, to witness the ceremonial moving of Her Majesty's body on a gun carriage pulled by horses - animals she loved as much as her beloved dogs.
Borne on a gun carriage and draped in the Royal Standard, her coffin was led out into the bright sunshine of a perfect autumnal morning.
Address : To The General Manager, Gun Carriage Factory- Jabalpur (M.
Which itself was covered by a Union Jack, resting upon a gun carriage from HMS Excellent, Ports mouth.
A procession of nine senior Royals, led by the Duke of Edinburgh, will walk behind the coffin as it is borne by a gun carriage from Westminster Hall to the accompaniment of the Massed Pipes and Drums of 13 regiments comprising 192 musicians.
The Queen Mother's coffin, borne on a horsedrawn gun carriage and surmounted by her crown, will be taken from the Queen's Chapel at St James's Palace to Westminster Hall where her body will lie in state.
At the centre was the horsedrawn gun carriage which was led along tomorrow's actual route in full ceremony.
The two main differences are: the cost of the Queen Mother's funeral will be shared by the Queen and not met solely by the taxpayer; and, in a state funeral, the gun carriage transporting the coffin is pulled by sailors not horses.
On Saturday morning, the military will escort Mother Teresa's body to the funeral Mass on the same gun carriage used during the funerals of Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, the two fathers of India's independence.
00am: Coffin, draped in the Royal Standard and family wreaths, carried from Princess's apartment in Kensington Palace and placed on the gun carriage which will carry her to Westminster Abbey.
We'll have to sit and watch her taken into St Paul's on a gun carriage like royalty, while families like mine struggle to even afford a funeral for our children.
He was responsible for the gun carriage which was carrying the casket draped in the Queen Mother's own standard.
THE Queen Mother's coffin will pass beneath the loving gaze of her husband King George VI as it is borne towards Westminster Hall on a horse-drawn gun carriage.