gun barrel

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a tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired


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Archive pictures of Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House, Banbury Street, Digbeth |
Army Abrams tank in Baghdad shows a menacing skull painted on the turret along with the words ``Bad Attitude'' inscribed on the gun barrel.
a barrel made in 26 sections), the gun barrel could actually be made of relatively cheap oil pipe sections bolted together on the outside and available on the open market.
IT would have been easy to think this week's visit to HMP Larkhall's G-wing was the last of the series - the sight of slimeball screw Jim Fenner staring down the wrong end of a gun barrel certainly would have made a fantastic climax.
Whenever confronted with a "gun barrel" I conjure a thought of compassion that travels right through that gun barrel, into the heart of the person that holds it.
Some key features include: suitable for difficult locations and badly deteriorated pipelines; installation in flowing sewers; gun barrel bore; excellent corrosion/ abrasion resistance; quiet installation process; and always circular.
Brian had to wait half an hour, crouching under the counter, with a gun barrel pressed against the groin of the postmaster who had to carry on serving customers as if nothing had happened.
At one time on this spot you would probably have felt the cold steel of the gun barrel at your back.
A spokesman for the local farmers' union said: "He was as straight as a gun barrel.
You now have aligned the scope crosshairs to where the gun barrel is shooting, all with one shot.
The more controversial the group, the more likely you are to find yourself looking down the gun barrel of a lawsuit.
The Bond Edition will be limited to 150 editions costing [euro]227,000 a pop and each featuring a numbered plaque inside incorporating the Bond logo, sill covers also with the logo, and gun barrel stitching on the rear seat divider.
It will begin at The Crown Inn in High Street and take in historic buildings such as Curzon Street Station, Gun Barrel Proof House, Typhoo Tea Factory, Digbeth Police Station and the Custard Factory.
The AH-64's M230 gun won't be shooting straight if you're not straight on cleaning the gun barrel.
Marine Corp has tried to give a valid reason behind why gangsters often hold their gun sideways even though most people know that the aiming sights are found on the top of a gun barrel.