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Synonyms for gumshoe

a person whose work is investigating crimes or obtaining hidden evidence or information

Synonyms for gumshoe

someone who is a detective

a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow

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The gumshoes sat in a car outside Ellen Novak's home and then tailed her as she sat on a bus into town.
A wrongdoer in Switzerland, for example, who bilks an investor in New York City in a bogus deal arranged through a go-between in Paris has little chance of being caught by government gumshoes.
And so for the next 90 minutes we chatted away over cheesecake and decaf, animatedly comparing the courage, brains, and wry wit of our favorite gumshoes, reminding me once again that while detective stories are regularly scorned as low-grade pulp, these mysteries remain the most pervasive and popular genre of modern literature-outselling all competitors and getting translated into languages from Arabic to Zulu.
Out June 6 Soul Suspect places you in the gumshoes of Ronan O'Connor, a cop with a chequered past on the trail of a serial killer in old Salem town.
Golden Globe winner Ving Rhames (``Don King: Only in America'') steps into the late Telly Savalas' gumshoes for the USA Network's new ``Kojak'' series.
The budget did not run to reconstructions, so we had to make do with shadowy close-ups of the gumshoes.
Columbo's daughter has been told to pull up her gumshoes if she wants to make it as a real-life tec.
The gumshoes were especially alert for signs of adultery and homosexuality" (The remnants of this ragtag army, it's worth pointing out, have found work with political operatives, tabloid reporters and so-called "mainstream" journalists seeking dirt on Bill and Hillary Clinton.
The gumshoes began to suspect that the fires were racially motivated and perhaps not set by self-hating African Americans as they had first suspected.
is a fast- paced game show that features kids as gumshoes (otherwise known as contestants), animated crooks, hidden clues and a diverse showcase of music.