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Synonyms for gumshoe

a person whose work is investigating crimes or obtaining hidden evidence or information

Synonyms for gumshoe

someone who is a detective

a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow

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Once the tube reached the Gumshoe [R] barrier it essentially stopped.
Judges praised WKRG-TV its "aggressive use of the Freedom of Information Act and dogged gumshoe detective work.
As luck would have it, my background in journalism makes me a shoe-in for a gumshoe, according to the agency's requirements.
Mickey Spillane, the macho mystery writer who wowed millions of readers with the sex and violence of gumshoe Mike Hammer, has died.
Nate Heller, a resourceful ex-cop turned gumshoe, knows everybody who is anybody, from champion prizefighter Barney Ross to "Mr.
Gay gumshoe Russell Quant boards the Mediterranean-bound Dorothy cruise liner to protect a wealthy matriarch from a family member with murderous intentions.
Only this time, Black indulges his fascination for pulpy detective novels by creating a fast-talking noir thriller that pays homage to the gumshoe tradition of films like Farewell My Lovely, but in a contemporary Los Angeles setting.
I had a booth at the Junior League Holiday Mart in Denver and was ironically placed across from the Gumshoe Girls.
In one the hero is a male gumshoe, while the other is a young female.
samples collected by Yy and the Gumshoe Strut, as they approached and
Gumshoe weblogger JULIAN SANCHEZ explains how "dilettante swarms" on the Net, himself among them, quickly unraveled a gun research riddle and solved "The Mystery of Mary Rosh" (page 16).
Maybe those disciplines were effective in plotting her wildly popular Tamara Hayle mysteries about a sassy, take-no-junk gumshoe.
The amateur sleuthing also fostered newsroom unity, as reporters and editors from all sections of the paper took turns playing gumshoe.
Part American gumshoe and part Fantomas, Le Poulpe is the title character of a thriving series of French mystery novels that are as much literary phenomenon as political bombshell.
Maybe, then, we ought to do a little investigating of our own, an examination of the gumshoe conscience.