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(especially boxing) equipment that protects an athlete's mouth

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But for Wolves midfielder Colin Cameron, the loss of the gumshield is no laughing matter as it has seriously jeopardised his chances of featuring in Scotland's Euro 2004 showdown against Holland.
DIVORCED: Frank and Laura Bruno; BATTERED: Frank soaks up punishment from Tyson as he loses his title; BROODING: Frank munches on a cake in the middle of his cycle session; STRANGE: Frank puts gumshield in his mouth as he cycles barefoot Picture: BRIDGER/BAKER
GAA Congress last weekend passed a motion which will make gumshields compulsory in Gaelic football at all levels up to minor from 2013 before being introduced at adult level in 2014.
Ameobi, who hit two goals in Newcastle's 3-0 win over West Brom last weekend, played with a gumshield after breaking some teeth against Wigan.
He will just have to wear a gumshield during action scenes for the film so his teeth look perfect.
The former boxer has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is in hospital after standing in the road pretending to direct traffic while wearing a multi-coloured gumshield and a floppy hat.
Draskovic even spat out his gumshield, seemingly to buy himself a few more seconds respite, as the round drew to a finish, with Harrison being roared home by the crowd.
And, kids, accept my story as a valuable lesson and always remember to wear your gumshield - even in practice sessions.
After a steady, measured opening round, the home fighter upped the ante thereafter and had McIntosh hurt in the second, his gumshield hitting the canvas a sure sign of the distress McIntosh was under.
COURTNEY Lawes has become the third England player to be fined for wearing a branded gumshield during the Rugby World Cup.
Jecko pushed in the gumshield and helped Benja up into the ring where the referee made a cursory examination of the gloves.
Tom donned the gloves, put in his gumshield and squared up for the three-round bout with the one-time WBO World Welterweight champion John H Stracey.
HAVING had his front teeth knocked out while playing rugby as a 13-year-old, Ben Gunn, highly promising schoolboy boxer, was understandably wary when his gumshield was sent flying from his mouth during a bout.
Kayleigh Parker bites down on her gumshield on the way to becoming Teesside Open Kickboxing champion for the third year running.
Cooper was game, knocking out Butlin's gumshield at one stage, but always second-best.