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Synonyms for gummy

Synonyms for gummy

having the property of adhering

Synonyms for gummy

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

covered with adhesive gum


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Additionally, each daily serving of the Women's Multivitamin Gummies contains 50 mg of collagen.
But, in all seriousness - I see gummies as the next big thing in drug delivery And that's not hard to swallow.
Like the mints, the fruit gummies come shaped like the Dilbert characters.
Choose from pink and purple swirled heart-shaped SweeTARTS([R]) Hearts Gummies or SweeTARTS'([R]) Hearts, a spin on the iconic Valentine's Day conversation heart available in your favorite sweet and tart flavors.
Gummies, caramel, sour candies and bubble gum have the potential to dislodge fillings, crowns, space maintainers and orthodontic appliances.
Ewing, NJ, has added a new product category to its First Response brand of at-home pregnancy and ovulation test kits: multivitamin gummies.
Solve the puzzles by connecting the same Gummies horizontally and vertically to collect and remove them.
More than just for gummies, Gelita Gelatine and Collagen Peptides are all around us in everyday products for health, fitness, fun and convenience, contends the company.
While people have the option to top up the chocolates with scrumptious toppings such as gummies bears, sprinkles and cherries, Google also has the option of adorning their chocolates with salt and ants for people who do not appreciate the sentiments attached to the day of love.
The Fruit Factory Yoghurt Coated Fruit Blitz, Strawberry & Raspberry Fruit Combos, Fruit Gummies and Strawberry Fruit Wheels are presented in value for money multi-packs of five.
You can create tart liquid candy, super sour lollipops and candy crystals, squishy homemade marshmallows and gummies, hard candy, and more.
In fifth grade, my common sense caused me to almost projectile my gummies at Merritt.
Other Aran Candy products include: Jollytime -- a range of Fruit Gummies, Wine Gums, Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans, Liquorice Allsorts, Toffees, Fudge, Chocolate Eclairs and Mouthpainter pops.
The witty book is filled with Martha-esque tipperoos, such as how to build and decorate your own coffin so you and your casket will be color-coordinated when you're laid to rest; a recipe for a Jell-O aquarium mold with red fish gummies and goldfish crackers swimming in it for a nostalgic Mother's Day meal; and advice on what to serve for your son's circumcision day.