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a small rubbery granuloma that is characteristic of an advanced stage of syphilis

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He told reporters at the National Assembly that Brigadier Abdel-Rahim Gumma and nine RSF elements have been killed during the clashes, denying civilian causalities.
Neurosyphilitic gumma on F18-2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) positron emission tomography: An old disease investigated with a new technology.
Patricia Gumma with her daughter, Leila, who fled Benghazi in Libya, leaving her husband and one of her sons <Band returned to her home town of CardiffAndrew James 120615GUMMA_07
The late congenital syphilis usually appears after 2 years of life, the active lesions corresponding to the lesions of the acquired tertiary syphilis: nodular syphilides and gummas on the skin and mucosa, ophtalmic involvement (interstitial keratitis, iridocyclitis, coroidoretinitis), bone involvement (periostitis of the long bones, perisynovitis), eighth nerve deafness (neurolabyrinthitis), cardiovascular manifestations, neurologic diseases (juvenile general paralysis, tabes dorsalis, etc.
Each domain, as in gumma conditionals, may consist of one clause or more (pace p.
Passing through Gumma, Baldeyan, Theog, Tiyali, Kelti, Kamayana, Kiarighat, Kandaghat, Barog, Bhojnagar, Chakki Ka Mor, the vehicles were flagged-in Chandigarh on March 25, 2012.
Ideo hoc fingitur quod mirra, videlicet arbor generet adonem, quod Grece suavitas dicitur, quia mirre gumma suavis est odore.
Gummatous/Late Benign Syphilis: As early as two years after initial infection, patients infected with syphilis can present with gummatous syphilis, which is characterized by a primary lesion called a gumma (4).
Usually solitary gumma, subjective feelings are insignificant [7-11].
Congenital syphilis may destroy the nasal bones and cartilage, with the resultant ugly deformity of 'saddle nose', while the gumma of late (tertiary) syphilis may rot away the whole of the nasal tissues.
2,3 Many types of cutaneous tuberculosis like lupus vulgaris, scrofuloderma, tuberculosis verrucosa cutis, tuberculous gumma, orificial tuberculosis etc.
Katsuyuki Nakajima at Gumma University for his critical comments and suggestions.
Los anticuerpos primarios utilizados, fueron: un anticuerpo policlonal anti-Met (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, CA, USA), un anticuerpo anti-HGF (Immuno-Biological Laboratories, Gumma, Japon) y un anticuerpo monoclonal anti-PCNA (DAKO Corporation, CA, USA).
According to a parent, Manjula Gumma, this is just not fair.
Baveja CP, Gumma V, Jain M, Choudhare M, Taluedar B, Sharma VK.