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a jellied candy coated with sugar crystals

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We like the way you added gumdrops and the candy cane door.
This ground cover is also drought tolerant and is distinguished by pink gumdrop flowers with burgundy stems, burgundy chevrons on the foliage, and burgundy leaf margins.
Their gossamer yarns of love and longing provided a gumdrop like comfort after grueling days of geometry and geography.
GameTime and Boundless Playgrounds[TM] designed the playground, which transports children into a life-sized Candy Land game, including a colorful trail that leads through Gumdrop Pass and the Lollipop Forest to the Candy Castle.
This would be true even if we were vacationing on La Isla Del Relaxo, where it rains chilled Champagne onto gumdrop forests, and the sherbet beaches are lapped by cherryade seas.
Critics, including New York lawmakers, have charged that the hemp lollipop and gumdrop candies glorify the drug culture and send an inappropriate message to youth.
Create multi-coloured eyes that are bright, yet soft and feminine with Hard Candy Eye Candy in Gumdrop, pounds 8, Urban Decay Precious Metal Eye Sheen in Big Ticket, a glistening lavender hue, pounds 10, or Prestige Duo Eyeshadow in Icing (pale blue and baby pink), pounds 5.
The eight rugs are made of nylon, are machine-washable and are available in 10 colorways, including bubblegum, gumdrop and apple.
Mohammed, our friendly cab driver, picked up a tiny pink lump and popped it in his mouth, expecting it to be a gumdrop.
Bowman's James a modest John Boy (of course he dies), and Ashley Tutrie as Judy is his gumdrop of a girlfriend, pink and a little sticky.
The situation was easily resolved when I told the woman that CoCo always took her digitalis hidden in a gumdrop.
Amanda states, "Nice Tomato is a combination of all the things I love most in the world: my husband, my cherry berry gumdrop cheeked daughters, markers, crayons, paper and letting my imagination run free and wild.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ethical 9 Owing 10 Marks 11 Gumdrop 12 Aga 13 Filleted 16 Needless 17 Guy 19 Hothead 21 Putin 22 Thyme 23 Retread.
The Dragon, a recyclable and gumdrop shaped capsule, was the first to reach the space station in 2012.
Au30,000 to remove chewing gum from the streets in Swansea city centre, Castle, Townhill and Penderry and install 50 gumdrop bins across the city;