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any of various trees of the genera Eucalyptus or Liquidambar or Nyssa that are sources of gum

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THERE IS A GREAT BIG GUM TREE in the front garden of my childhood home.
The label tells of a poor man and his family living in a gum tree in 1855 and he planted vines which now flourish across the Limestone Coast.
Helen Rawles, Blandford Forum, Dorset Hi Helen, Liquidambar, or the sweet gum tree, is one of my favourites for autumn colour so I'm sorry to hear your 25-year-old tree is under stress.
The article discussed, at length, the various aspects of the management and environmental impact of the introduced blue gum tree in California, and also included an extensive list of references.
Repeat processes from day 1 There was dispute over the name of the special gum tree so Ms X did a quick search on the internet and she and the class were able to check the name of the tree.
while along the ridge, high in the black gum tree, cedar waxwings
In her wise head, the gum tree was a place of sanctuary.
Bushland Lullaby has lovely sketches in soft colours particularly the flowers on the gum tree.
In a canoe carved from the gum tree, DiVida travels down the river along
With great fashion, a premier Gift Shop and the Gum Tree Bookstore, Reed's epitomizes the many good things that an independent business can bring to its community and customers.
Mold Crown Court heard how adverts for mainly iPhones appeared on Loot, Gum Tree and Bargain Pages web sites, giving contact mobile numbers.
The study used a sample of convenience, and data was obtained by interviewing the administrator who had responsibility over early education at three schools in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia: Beachside Primary, Valley Primary, and Gum Tree Primary (all pseudonyms).
Chapter eleven introduces the famous Australian gum tree Eucalyptus, its survival strategies, classification, versatitity, its economic and environmental prospects, the international acceptance of eucalypt medicines and the down side of plant exports.
She covers first impressions and improvisations by arriving European settlers; remedies from the bush; sarsaparilla and sassafras; xanthorrhoea the grass-tree medicine; floral emissaries; bush beverages; bush tucker bugs; medicinal and toxic honeys; uniquely Australian flowers, flavors, and fragrance; the aromatic export sandalwood; and the famous Australian gum tree.
It begins with a poem describing the garden of the iron fairies, and a mysterious introduction claiming that a tiny group of three little books the size of a matchbox containing drawings were discovered by a group of children who played in the special garden, climbing an old gum tree.