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any of various trees of the genera Eucalyptus or Liquidambar or Nyssa that are sources of gum

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Black tupelo, water tupelo, gum, sour gum, bowl gum, pepperidge, stinkwood, wild peadree and yellow gum tree.
Anyone who thought he would must have been living up a gum tree for the last 30 years.
The treehouse was nestled in the sturdy branches of a big gum tree.
The Gumball Machine" -- picks up sweet gum tree balls without raking or bending over.
Wrightson, Patricia, The Sugar Gum Tree (Viking, 1991), 7 to 10 years.
NYSE: CFI), today announced that it is pursuing monetary damages and injunctive relief against Gum Tree Fabrics for willful infringement of Culp's copyrighted fabric design known as "Palomino.
The tree design is Kristina s interpretation of the Tasmanian native Heart Leafed Silver Gum tree and the materials were deliberately chosen to merge harmoniously with its surroundings.
com web page and within 24 hours your property will go live advertised on the major portals, Zoopla, Right move Gum tree, Primelocation, Homes24Homes and many more for 6 months How It Works Create your own advert, register with www.
You may wish to consider the installation of a flowering tree such as a Kousa dogwood, or an Eastern Redbud, Cornel Cherry, Japanese Stewartia, Magnolia, Flowering Crabapple, Black Gum Tree, Sourwood or a Mountain Ash.
An Australian court found last year that the track - penned by singer Colin, of Kilwinning, Ayrshire, and bandmate Ron Strykert - used a flute melody from Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree.
JULY A Sydney court rules Men at Work must give away 5% of royalties from their 1981 hit Down Under after claims they plagiarised Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.
You see these turbines all the time, people are saying we must have turbines, the whole point of it is when you go home and you switch the lights on you expect the electricity to be there and if you had to rely on these things, you are up a gum tree really.
We can only hope the chefs rustled up something that's digestible even up a gum tree - so no soup, nothing in a pickle and no just desserts.
This crow certainly took exception when a cheeky koala staked a claim to its gum tree in the Aussie outback.
I whittled the oars from a gum tree and made the boat from eucalyptus wood.