gum boot

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a high boot made of rubber


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A woman gallantly volunteers to fetch gum boots for the passengers of a car that ran into flood water at Victoria Park on July 30, 1948
When the smug Dawsons appear they all wear blue gum boots.
The breathing apparatus, gum boots and helmets also play crucial roles.
People working outside would not remove their gum boots and rain coats during these months.
Shamed into action by his twin boys' cries about freezing feet in traditional gum boots, Simon Wood, 45, designed boots lined with neoprene, the insulating material used in scuba gear.
And what a colorful rostrum of characters: Soapy Smith, Ham Grease Jimmy, Popcorn Kate, Big Bo Peep, Gum Boots Kitty and Guzzling Gertie, among many others.
Sebastian, who by this time has already wolfed down the danish, tugs insistently at the gum boots.
Siyatatazela (meaning "we are shaking"), a piece representing all forms of dance in South Africa from Gum Boots to ballet to jazz, is by Boyzie Cekwana and Mark Hawkins.
01) name of work/sh: supply of gum boots as per specification in dems store at sdmc
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Various Sizes Of Gum Boots For Vk-7 Incline, Kothagudem Area.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of gum boots and other s
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electrical Insulated Hand Gloves , Industrial Helmets , fall protection belts , Gum boots , Rain coats and earth discharge rods in various substations of Sangareddy Circle Document cost : INR 590 Opening date : 16 Aug 2017
Tenders invited for Short knee full pvc or rubber gum boots