gum boot

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a high boot made of rubber


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Tenders are invited for Supply of Gum Boot, Hussain Cloth, Broom Stick, Napthelinc Ball, Poltfiinc sheet, Mason Thread cotton
Tenders are invited for Supply of PVC gum boot (Refere Annex -Afor details).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dgms Approved Pvc Gum Boot
Limited Tenders are invited for Industrial Safety Pvc Gum Boot Type-Iii
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electrical gum boot, hand gloves, shockproof rubber mating, canning rod, tools, chain pully block And general items for Drainage section as per following ISI marks.
Ordinary seamen preferred their familiar working rig of Cowichan sweaters, trousers and gumboots--hence the nickname, "the Gum Boot Navy.
Now, firemen are complaining that even the gum boots given to them are of inferior quality and at times even melt when they douse flame, causing serious injuries to them.
Adding to the charm were knitted beanies, mufflers and gloves, rubber gum boots and woven oversized bags with leather accents.
The toddler had earlier made a style statement when she was spotted at an airport in animal print pants, cute pink shoes and gum boots.
A woman gallantly volunteers to fetch gum boots for the passengers of a car that ran into flood water at Victoria Park on July 30, 1948
When the smug Dawsons appear they all wear blue gum boots.
People working outside would not remove their gum boots and rain coats during these months.
Gum boots, a wartime gift from the women of Canada and the United States, were given to pupils who had a long distance to travel.
I'd never played a festival before this summer so I am looking forward to the crowd and wearing gum boots.