gum arabic

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gum from an acacia tree


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C*AraSet offers a cost-effective alternative to gum arabic that is compatible with sugar-free products.
These are gums (agar, carrageenan, gum arabic, sodium alginate), carbohydrates (CMC, cyclodextrin, methyl cellulose, starch, sucrose), and proteins (gelatin).
Esam Sideeg who was Bashir's former economic adviser told official news agency (SUNA) that the Sudanese government should immediately order a ban on Gum Arabic exports to these countries.
Jitachew, adding that they will meet during a visit with the Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, and would holding meetings with the Ministers of Justice, Foreign Trade, Agriculture and Irrigation, Industry and Environment and Forests, Science and Telecommunications in addition to the officials of the Agricultural Research Corporation , the Council of Gum Arabic, the Businessmen Union, the exporters, farmers and Chamber of Commerce.
Fahad, asserted that the meeting was fruitful, pointing to the necessity for the reactivation of the corporation role, revealing the convocation of an investment conference in Khartoum in mid of next March with the participation of the Arab and expatriates investors on the projects proposed by the Sudan for the manufacture industries, the oil, meat foder and gum Arabic industries.
He also gave directives for development of plan targeting some commodities including Gum Arabic and cotton as an outset for the bourses which are expected to be established within the light of the new law, stressing importance of giving concern to the human capital.
The TicaPAN Coating System offers confection manufacturers a low cost, non-gum arabic based panning technology with the same or even superior performance when compared with traditional gum arabic.
Hassan Abdul Kader Hilal, Minister of Environment, Forests and Urban Development which included a number of projects most important which is to combat desertification, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Gum Arabic Belt and the project of "Pupil's Tree" which aim at inculcating environmental education among students, as well as the project of manufactured rain.
Cerestar Food & Pharma Specialities Europe have announced a breakthrough ingredient that offers beverage manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to gum arabic for flavour emulsions.
He underscored that Kordofan states has relative advantages in many investment fields particularly in the domains of oil seeds, Gum Arabic, fruits and livestock besides minerals and oil, urging tightening of bonds between the Federal National Investment Authority and the states to provide information to attract investments.
Development of the invading product started when a replacement for gum arabic in the confection market was identified as a need.
Omer Mohamed Salih official spokesman of the Council of Ministers has elaborated in a press statement that the Cabinet has passed a group of polices that aim at controlling public spending and gearing resources towards the real sectors with the aim of increasing production and productivity in the agricultural sectors , animal resources and industrial sectors aiming to increasing domestically oriented production for closing import gap and providing foreign currencies resources achieving profits for increasing exports of commodities in which Sudan has comparative advantage either animal resources or Gum Arabic , fodders, metal and gold.
He indicated the big increase in the exports which has exceeded 7 billion dollar because of the gold, the gum Arabic and livestock despite the economic embargo imposed on the country, the effects of the international financial crisis and the separation of the south Sudan
Researches on Gum Arabic Alternatives Receive Highest Preference II-2
September 3, 2008 (KHARTOUM) -- The board of directors for the Gum Arabic company in Sudan suspended two of its executives while they undergo investigations for corruption charges.