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a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika

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Janos Gulyas commented, Using our unrivalled expertise in data and analytics, we can identify precisely what consumer behaviour you need to change along the purchase journey and create engaging content thats specifically designed to make that happen.
To eat the cakes, "you pinch the the top to unravel it, turning it around and twisting" as you go, Gulyas explains.
Gulyas justifies the timeline of his study--the 50s to the present--not just in terms of the appearance of space aliens as such, but also by pointing to the Cold War context of the space race in a period of intense and profound sociopolitical change (6).
RECEIVING--Villanova, Livers 8-90, Abdur-Rahman 4-41, Gulyas 1-13,
by Gyorgy Gulyas, however closed in 1954 due to financial reasons.
Only Pancho Gonzales, who was over 40 when he made the last eight in 1968, and 39-year-old Istvan Gulyas in 1971, have got this far in the tournament at Hs's age.
Uma abordagem ainda pouco explorada em Medicina Veterinaria vincula-se a realizacao do cell block de agarose (CBA), metodo originariamente proposto no processamento de amostras para microscopia eletronica (YUAN & GULYAS, 1981; MULDER et al.
La otra intervencion breve, a cargo de Borbala Gulyas (Academia de Ciencias Hungara), trato sobre el papel comunicativo de los arcos triunfales usados en algunas celebres entradas en las capitales del Sacro Imperio, como en el ingreso del futuro emperador Fernando en Viena (1540), su entrada en Praga (1558), la coronacion de su hijo Maximiliano como rey de Hungria en Bratislava (1563) y la sucesiva entrada del mismo como nuevo emperador en Viena.
As president, Gulyas pushed for innovations like the rapid commercializing of Zytel Plus in 2010, which won the "Most Innovative Use of Plastics" award from the SPE Automotive Division that year.
In the next paper, Julia Ellershaw, Andre Gulyas, Defne Demir, John McWilliams and Dianne Johnson discuss the complex interrelationships between the career trajectories of medial specialists in Australia and their location within either public or private sectors.
Szakall S, Boros I, Balkay L, Emri M, Fekete I, Kerenyi L, Lehel S, Marian T, Molnar T, Varga J, Galuska L, Tron L, Bereczki D, Csiba L, Gulyas B.
The DuPont approach is to be a global collaborative partner offering innovative solutions to meet growing needs of the Industry," said Diane Gulyas, president for DuPont Performance Polymers.
Diane Gulyas, President Polymers, DuPont at the Innovation Centre launched by DuPont in pune
With: Jan Mizigar, Attila Mokos, Miroslav Gulyas, Martina Kotlarova, Martin Hangurbadzo, Miroslava Jarabekova, Ivan Mirga.
Finishing ahead of him were Gergo Gulyas of Hungary who won in 1:25.