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a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika

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They were the fastest development we have ever done--between 9 and 12 months," Gulyas recalls.
Jahrhundert; and expert Klara Hamburger's Hungarian-language Liszt Ferenc (Budapest: Gondolet, 1966), revised and translated into English by Gyula Gulyas, Virginia Csontos, and Paul Merrick for publication in 1987 as Franz Liszt (Budapest: Corvina), now also is published in the German language.
It was a continuing round of kasha with the Russians, bigos with the Poles, gulyas with the Hungarians, mamaliga with the Romanians, knedlicky with the Czechs, and shopska salata with the Bulgarians.
1) We would like to thank Andreas Flache, Russell Hardin, Zoltan Szanto, Benedek Kovacs, and Attila Gulyas for their comments on an earlier version of the paper.
As the second largest mobile operator in Hungary, Pannon has the technology expertise and extensive customer base that will ensure the success of this unprecedented device," said Akos Gulyas, CEO of Mobilx.
Jis apibudina termines aplinkos poveiki zmogui (Matzarakis, Gulyas 2006) ir suvokiamas kaip tinkamos aprangos bei terminio komforto rezultatas, tiesiogiai susijes su kuno ir aplinkos silumos mainais (Hoppe 1999).
Last year, Suma Krishnaswamy, founder of Bangalore-based Cambium Biotechnologies, was selected for the program from India and mentored with Diane Gulyas, Group Vice President, DuPont Performance Materials.
Gulyas, On the truncation of the series in the sampling theorem, in: Proc.
Among them, Diane Gulyas, chief marketing and sales officer, was named group vice president, DuPont Performance Materials.
The Gulyas and Hitchens volume is subject to the same problem, since a number of major new fields are prominent by their absence.
Gulyas, group vice president--DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies.
Rudnai and Gulyas (1998) reported an increase in spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, and perinatal mortality in Karcag, Hungary, due to arsenic in drinking water.
28-32; Agnes Gulyas, Democratisation and the mass media in post-communist Hungary, pp.
1989; La Puma, Schiedermayer, Gulyas & Siegler, 1988).
Molnar E, Gulyas MS, Kubinyi L, Nosek J, Kozuch O, Ernek E, et al.