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Synonyms for gulp

Synonyms for gulp

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

an act of swallowing

Synonyms for gulp

a large and hurried swallow

to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught


Related Words

utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly

References in classic literature ?
Mr Flintwinch, finishing his tea, not only took a longer gulp than he had taken yet, but made his succeeding pause under new circumstances: that is to say, with his head thrown back and his cup held still at his lips, while his eyes were still directed at the invalid.
The other was dawdling with the bottle, and Martin refused to wait for him, tossing the glass off in a gulp and refilling it.
Before I had fairly risen, he had again turned to the counter, and with a barely audible "so," had emptied the bottle at a gulp.
And holding the glass with his two hands, he swallowed the medicine at one gulp.
Sparsit, shaking her head over her tea-cup, and taking a long gulp.
Sparsit repeated the ejaculation, the shake of the head over her tea-cup, and the long gulp, as taking up the conversation again at the point where it had been interrupted.
That seventh free cup can be an extra-large coffee or the biggest of Big Gulps.
The Gulps love junk food and lots of it--but hate anything green.
OK, maybe not a living, breathing haunted house per se, but the kind of forbidden zone that, like in this rollicking animated adventure movie, swallows toys the way a whale gulps down plankton.
Mind you, this hybrid SUV still gulps more petrol than the Prius.
He orders a beer, gulps it down, goes over to the window, jumps out.
At that moment, surface tension kicks in with a sudden ferocity: In a mere 200-trillionths of a second, the larger blob gulps down the smaller one.
So this is a challenge Music isn't always meant to be swallowed in big gulps.
Another possibility would simply be warning labels, stickers on the side of 7-11 Double Gulps that spell out the dangers of consuming a full 64 ounces of Coke.
In fact, dad gulps his mate's eggs to protect and incubate them, using heat from his mouth to help eggs develop.