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Synonyms for gulping

the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidly

References in classic literature ?
There was no hypnotism here--just the plain, brutal ferocity of the beast of prey, tearing, rending, and gulping its meat, but at that it was less horrible than the uncanny method of the Mahars.
The crunching of bones, the gulping of great pieces, the contented growling, all attested the nearness of the king at table.
Suddenly I was sobbing--sobbing in loud, gulping, uncontrollable sobs which refused to be concealed.
He fell into the sea and went under, gulping a mouthful of salt water into his lungs, and came up strangling but swimming.
There was a tremendous gulping movement and the beer was gone.
Also, I was gulping it down like medicine, in nauseous haste to get the ordeal over.
Well," said Tom, mopping away, and gulping down his disappointment, "it can't be helped.
Blood's the word," said James, gulping the ruby fluid down.
I won't, I won't," she said, gulping down her tears and turning away.
A dingy handkerchief twisted like a cord about his neck, left its great veins exposed to view, and they were swollen and starting, as though with gulping down strong passions, malice, and ill-will.