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a drinker who swallows large amounts greedily


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The initial price reads a little high, but this is an emerging market where growth is substantially higher," Gulpers said.
Heineken is still focusing on the integration of Scottish & Newcastle, which was acquired in 2008, Gulpers said, pointing also to the recent acquisition of the beer activities of Mexican brewer Femsa (MXK:FEMSAB) in Mexico and Brazil.
Even the beer gulpers had to agree it was something extraordinary.
These people aren't addicts or careless pill gulpers.
While grays are bottom-feeders, blues and humpbacks are gulpers, with long pleats under their jaws that can triple the size and capacity of their mouths, allowing them to strain huge amounts of water.
Dog owners need to recognize that some dogs are very careful chewers and some dogs are gulpers.
When little Louis gets eaten by a Gulper, big sister Sarah knows she has a chance to save him, knowing that Gulpers swallow their food whole, and she quickly sets off on her red bike in pursuit.
Wynn points out that although dogs lack salivary amylase, they tend not to chew their food; they're gulpers, so why would they benefit from an oral digestive enzyme?
If we lose touch with good food and become a nation of grazers and fast food gulpers, we lose much of that vital religious sense.
We have become a nation of gulpers not taking the time to savor the communion that is a meal.
While RTD teas give Pepsi drinkers an alternative beverage to drink as they please, Strauss's upscale customers are more likely "afternoon tea sippers" rather than 'high tea gulpers.
The Swiss company gets about half its sales from retail channels which normally don't offer discounts, such as specialty pet stores and direct distribution in emerging markets, Marco Gulpers, an analyst at Wholesale Banking, estimates.
With the addition of e-pay retail sites, our customers can top-up their prepaid wagering accounts at more convenient locations with extended hours of operations," said Jerry Gulpers, TAB's Manager Account Sales.