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a drinker who swallows large amounts greedily


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Although we see input cost pressures picking up, we expect Nestle to be able to pass on these higher costs in most regions and in most categories," Gulpers hasaid before the results.
All the boxes are ticked," Marco Gulpers, an analyst at ING in Amsterdam, said by phone.
While RTD teas give Pepsi drinkers an alternative beverage to drink as they please, Strauss's upscale customers are more likely "afternoon tea sippers" rather than 'high tea gulpers.
Dog owners need to recognize that some dogs are very careful chewers and some dogs are gulpers.
While grays are bottom-feeders, blues and humpbacks are gulpers, with long pleats under their jaws that can triple the size and capacity of their mouths, allowing them to strain huge amounts of water.
Armies all over the world are big gulpers and some of the biggest commission and kickback scams in history are related to arms purchases.
BRACE yourself, my gaggle of gobblers, gulpers and gourmets.
Even the beer gulpers had to agree it was something extraordinary.