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a drinker who swallows large amounts greedily


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Ancient Greek marilopotes 'a gulper of coal dust' is amusing, but if de Boinod wonders '[w]hen and why .
In the depths of the sea, strange creatures like gulper eels, needle-toothed fish, hatchet fish, viper fish, sleeper shark and the Pacific hag fish would do well to avoid a mirror.
It claimed catching orange roughy, roundnose grenadier, Portuguese dogfish and the leafscale gulper shark should be halted.
ALL MOUTH: Thanks to its enormous mouth and distensible stomach, the gulper eel (top) can gobble prey that's larger than the predator itself.
An optional method would be to use a contract sludge gulper, who disposes of the water and waste as part of his fee.
Just before we left I found that old straw hat and added the flies of our stay-a #12 Elk-hair Caddis that ruled the evening slicks and pockets of the Madison, a #18 Royal Wulff that still fooled the biggest fish on the Henry's Fork, a #16 Gulper Special for Hebgen Lake, and a #10 Partridge -and-Orange Soft Hackle that produced those wonderful, heavy, wet-fly-swing takes on the Barnes pools in the part on September mornings.
motor, 4-foot hose with gulper nozzle, 1-gallon tank, carrying handle, and fiber and foam filters for use during dry and wet vacuuming, respectively.
The New York Times Company understands these numbers, being a gulper itself, ranking fifth among media conglomerates, with sales of $1.
The contract consists of - cleaning gullies and (line) filled with a sludge gulper including handling of released sludge;: - cleaning out the sludge gulper accessible or clean drains and (line) cast including processing: from released sludge;
In The Day Louis Got Eaten (11) the poor lad is gulped by a Gulper, which becomes the prey of a Grabular bird.
For example, one supplier has dubbed the gulper shark the Rolls-Royce of squalene-producing sharks, but the gulper is listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Species, meaning the species faces a high risk of extinction.
Is it the gulper eel, the polar bear, the humming bird or, even, the iguana?
As fisheries extend into ever deeper waters, the deep bottom-dwelling gulper shark is listed as vulnerable with local population declines of up to 95%.
The Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel has a hinged skull which can rotate to swallow large prey while the Fangtooth is believed to have the most teeth of any fish in the world.
Gulper sharks are moderately sized sharks, on the order of 1-1.