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Synonyms for gulp

Synonyms for gulp

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

an act of swallowing

Synonyms for gulp

a large and hurried swallow

to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught


Related Words

utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly

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North East |comedy trio Hot Gulp - from left, Hal Branson, Sean McKenna and Patrick Low.
My personal spouse says that, in this department, Gulp takes the cake.
Buy 6-Get 7th Free' Includes Coffee, Big Gulp, Slurpee, Chillers Drinks
Nicky Henderson's Punchestowns is due to carry top weight at Haydock, meaning One Gulp would receive 9lbs in the Class Two contest.
Delicious Drinks to Sip, Slurp, Gulp & Guzzle derivers a cool collection of recipes that are not only radically delicious, but also healthy.
When villagers drink unfiltered water from a pond, they also gulp down the worm-infected fleas, says Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben, technical director of the Carter Center's Guinea Worm Eradication Program.
It occurs to me that this predisposition to gulp life whole makes it challenging to live an authentically honest life, because in my hurriedness I get fuzzy about the details.
Its subject looks at first like a dime-a-dozen blonde: An all-American girl drinking the all-American drink, she raises the Coke to her lips and takes a swig with a smile worthy of the Kennedys and none of the awkwardness that often accompanies a big gulp from an oversize bottle.
In one gulp, Borden Chemical absorbed Bakelite AG of Germany along with Resolution Performance Products (formerly Shell's epoxy business) and Resolution Specialty Materials (formerly part of Eastman Chemical and before that, McWhorter Technologies).
Gulp will be the exclusive distributor" of SoftGuard MTP, marking the first agreement between a mattress ticking supplier and a producer of flame-resistant fabrics.
The moment they cross into backstage, they flop on the floor in exhaustion, tug at their costumes, or gulp water from a bottle.
Seemingly every potential bite, tear, gulp, sting and grasp by every predator in the sea is listed and described.
We gulp twice as much soda as milk and nearly six times more soda than fruit juice.