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deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour)

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The Piedmont Province of the southeastern United States suffered a long period (~1820 to 1920) of erosion and gullying due primarily to cotton cultivation (Trimble 1974; Richter and Markewitz 2001).
These results suggest that sustainable farming best be maintained in relatively flat terrain to avoid severe erosion such as gullying.
The degree of gullying in these areas, however, might also result from variations during the past in time of initial cultivation or in time of abandonment.
The objectives of this investigation were to identify areas of gullying along the West Mesa escarpment, identify key factors that may be affecting gully development, and determine if gullying is a result of unusually high intensity infrequent rainfall.
Foot and bicycle traffic in northern parts of the escarpment might cause a decrease in vegetative cover, reduce surface roughness, and promote gullying.