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Synonyms for gull

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for gull

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Then he remembered in a flash what the Burgomaster gull had screamed to him when he was a little yearling at Walrus Islet, and he tumbled backward in the water, for he knew that he had found Sea Cow at last.
Variation in summer diet of Glaucous-winged Gulls in the western Aleutian Islands: an ecological interpretation.
Lib Dem AM Aled Roberts said: "It is sheer hypocrisy by the Tories to now complain about gulls.
Over the past few decades gulls have become increasingly comfortable with being around us.
LOVE them or hate them, Aberdeen's herring gulls are certainly resourceful birds - specialised night-time scavengers taking advantage of discarded fast food containers.
HUGE gulls that eat the eggs of more aggressive urban seagulls are beginning to move into Welsh towns, according to an expert.
Weighing the same size as a real egg, the replacements trick the gulls into sitting on the dummies throughout the nesting period, preventing them from rearing chicks as well as reducing their aggressive behaviour when they attempt to protect their young.
A UK-wide survey of wildlife in schools has revealed that playing fields provide decent stomping grounds for some of the UK gulls including the 'red-listed' herring gull.
In 2002 a pensioner in Benllech, Anglesey, died of a suspected heart attack after gulls forced him to retreat down a ladder as he tried to clear bird droppings from his roof.
We tested the hypothesis that Pisaster size selection by gulls was based on energetic profitability, defined as energy provided per unit handling time.
1 -- color) Joe Suffredini releases falcon Squeaker at Bradley Landfill to chase away sea gulls and other pesky birds that frequent the site looking for snacks.
People's lives in many Scottish seaside communities are made hell at this time of year by gulls.
Day bag four rest aster ding jar us, eats fouled with wee kid bars slack tweet ladle gulls.
They are intelligent birds, and can pick my face out of a crowd of 200 people, sounding their alarm cry to other gulls.
First, what was it about western gulls that made them a problem?