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deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour)

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The general maintenance works will include trimming back vegetation, sign cleaning, sweeping, gulley cleaning, and repairs to safety barriers
A Coventry City Council spokesman said they had a programme in place to clear drains and gulleys but that the recent heavy rainfall had made this "a harder task".
THIEVES are taking manhole and gulley covers from Merseyside streets.
A SPATE of thefts of manhole and gulley covers in Knowsley could be putting drivers and pedestrians at risk.
Middlesbrough Council said: "Middlesbrough has 20,000 gulleys and drain areas and a small number of them were blocked.
The floor finish was ]aid to envelope fall configuration to stainless steel drainage gulleys and the installed floor is free draining without ponding.
The panel partially reversed and partially affirmed aspects of Rogers' decision, but the overall effect was to affirm Chowning, Burrow, the Gulleys, Wade, Friday and Hawthorne Land Co.
According to Henry Mullins, a marine geologist at Syracuse University in New York, who first proposed this theory and who also participated in Leg 101, the rifting left both topographical highs and deep gulleys.
Mineralization has now been followed through consecutive gulleys and exposures moving westward from Vicente for more than 1 kilometre and additional silicification and sulphide mineralization has been discovered both above and below the initial zones.
Work to replace gulleys and manhole covers along the A47 in Little Fransham is due to begin at 8pm on Monday 11 November and last for five nights.
OPEN letter to all our councils regarding flooding - In the past (long past), as kids we would see our streets, grids and gulleys cleaned out on a regular basis.
The number of missing gulleys has risen from 150 to 229 since police first highlighted the problem last Wednesday.
She said, "The Welsh Liberal Democrat-led council in Cardiff has invested significantly in closing and gating alleyways and gulleys across the city since 2004 and appointed the city's first ever alley-gating officer to deal specifically with this issue.
Information released to the Echo under the Freedom of Information Act reveals 60 gulleys have been earmarked by Cardiff council in the city for 'assessment'.
The official policy of the last few decades, of encouraging the digging of drainage ditches and gulleys, called grips, in upland areas is also contributing to climate change ( which in turn is expected to result in more severe weather episodes.