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We keep an inn hereabouts, and for fifty pounds we will not only give thee a good draught of wine, but will give thee as noble a feast as ever thou didst tickle thy gullet withal.
I fear the part played by the vultures on that occasion would be too painful for art to represent, those birds being disadvantageously naked about the gullet, and apparently without rites and ceremonies.
To whom, while sickly with the fancy of an insoluble pill sticking in his gullet, and also with the sensation of a deposit of warm gum languidly wandering within him a little lower down, a servant enters with the announcement that a lady wishes to speak with him.
The booming of the males can be heard for several kilometres because of their amazing ability to fill their gullets with air and bellow.
To produce this luxury item, metal tubes are forced down the birds' gullets and they are force fed three times a day to fatten and enlarge their livers.
The birds are force-fed through a metal apparatus pushed down their gullets to enlarge their livers.
Many singer-songwriters sound so damn whiny and anemic, you just want to cram roast beef sandwiches down their gullets.
After all, hyper-oxygenated water is being offered for our parched gullets for an average of 184 yen / 500 ml bottle by several companies.
Fish stocks are suffering, and no amount of aquaculture can seem to keep up with the gullets of global restaurant diners.
Binding is as much a day-to-day fuel for the thirsty gullets of Frankfurt and the state of Hesse as Guinness is for Dublin.