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Mercom Brummies boss Graham Drury explained: "Henrik needs an operation on his gullet and he can't ride again until he has had it.
It has the effect of narrowing the gullet - the tube that runs between the back of the throat and the stomach - making it difficult to swallow.
However, if the muscle at the top of the stomach is weak, the acidic contents can be regurgitated into the gullet, causing heart burn.
This can often be detected by an endoscopy, where a camera is passed into the throat, gullet and stomach.
Things to avoid are fatty foods, which need a lot of acid to digest, peppermint, spearmint and chocolate, which relax the valve between stomach and gullet.
The swan, which was taken to an RSPCA wildlife hospital, had to endure a two-hour operation to remove the hooks and infection from its gullet.
This happens when the acidic contents of your stomach pass up into the gullet, causing a burning sensation.
35, May's best friend Libby Douglas, 59, lost husband Matt, 48 who worked at the Hoover factory in Cambuslang to cancer of the gullet in 1998.
Mr McKeown decided to make the collection, after spending most of 2001 in hospital with injuries to his gullet.
The pounds 17,250 machine, which measures acid levels and pressures in the gullet, was bought through funds from the League of Friends and the department itself.
The fish is then swallowed by the patient and swims down the gullet into the stomach.
Normally a valve mechanism at the lower end of the gullet prevents this from happening, but sometimes this does not work properly," he said.
After Torgerson saw her 2-pound companion, Babette, disappear down the boa's gullet, she vowed to force the city to outlaw all dangerous animals in neighborhoods.
If a small part of the stomach rises through the opening where the gullet passes through the diaphragm, you have a hiatus hernia.
Researchers believe increased use of nitrate fertilisers since the Second World War may be one of the main reasons for the rise in gullet cancer.