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Synonyms for gull

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for gull

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Dr Sian Whitehead, Terrestrial and Freshwater Ornithologist for NRW said despite an apparent increase in urban areas some gull species in Wales had declined by over 50% since the 1970s.
Herring gulls are even known to use bread as bait for fish and young gulls form nursery flocks in which they play and learn skills vital for adulthood, the flocks overlooked by adult male "teacher birds".
A scarcity of food out at sea might also be responsible for the increasing number of gull incidents.
It insisted the gulls "squawk all day and night", "mess all over parked cars" and even "dive-bomb people who are walking down the street.
Laughing Gulls are medium grey above, and white below.
GARY Gary has had to take time off to recover from the attack and admits he's now nervous every time he sees a gull.
We discovered a Lesser Black-backed Gull X Herring Gull pair on Appledore Island, Maine, in 2007 (Ellis et al.
Lee said: "It is at this time of year when the gull chicks are young that their parents can 'swoop' on anyone who they see as a threat which leads to much misunderstanding.
This happened after a very successful 2013 season that saw all cars competing in the BNT V8SuperTourers switch to Gull Force 10, Gull s 98 Octane petrol.
NBC Bird & Pest are experienced professionals in all aspects of gull control and have a number of techniques which can diminish and eradicate bird pest problems across a large number of species which are already viewed as being little more than flying outlaws.
A COUNCIL has issued advice to residents after a number of concerns about gulls nesting near their homes.
THE great black-backed gull (larus marinus) is the largest gull in the world.
Mike Peters joined Cleary Gull in 2009 from Madison Investment Advisors and has been actively involved in fixed income security analytics and portfolio construction.
A UK-wide survey of wildlife in schools has revealed that playing fields provide decent stomping grounds for some of the UK gulls including the 'red-listed' herring gull.