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Synonyms for gull

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for gull

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Problems included "aggressive behaviour" from dive-bombing gulls and mess on cars, buildings and people as well as gulls ripping open bin bags and strewing litter everywhere.
Already this summer her sanctuary has rescued 500 gulls - up a quarter on 2016.
Gull and his son Ryan Gull, 28, also of Rainham, also deny money laundering.
It is hoped that the measured programme of disruption and dispersal alongside the council's existing measures of education and signage about the importance of not feeding the gulls, will start to have a more positive effect on the relationship between people and the gulls.
Scientists Andrew Ramey, Bjorn Olsen, and Jonas Bonnedahl (L to R) setting a trap for gulls at the Soldotna landfill in 2016.
NBC Environment is offering organisations in Cardiff a free gull consultation to provide advice on how to combat the problem.
Although most studies suggest that Sabine's Gulls nest solitarily or in small groups, we discovered in 2010 a Sabine's Gull breeding colony of 102 nests on a small island in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (YKD) of western Alaska that was much larger than any nesting group previously reported.
And a judge at Swansea Crown Court added to the furore by claiming other judges had been "dive-bombed" by gulls nesting on the court roof.
Laughing Gulls are medium grey above, and white below.
GARY Gary has had to take time off to recover from the attack and admits he's now nervous every time he sees a gull.
Many gull species are commonly found inland and some nest away from the coast.
Our results indicate that arrival time for black-headed gull depended on the conditions in breeding areas, while departure time did not respond to NAO or local temperature.
In summer, a ring-billed gull breeding colony in the Cave of the Winds area is perhaps one of the largest in the region.
announced the availability of its new fine pitch SMT gull wing connector series.
Jeered at initially by a flock of gulls because the penguin cannot fly, Hudson is eventually applauded by the same gulls for his rescue of Gregory when the gull is trapped at sea, at some depth, in a fisherman's abandoned net.