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a narrow gorge with a stream running through it


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One afternoon in the summer of 1874, I passed up Macarger's Gulch from the narrow valley into which it opens, by following the dry bed of the brook.
By the way," said Morgan, "the name of the gulch is a corruption; it should have been called 'MacGregor's.
There was an old shanty once in the gulch," Morgan resumed when the ruin wrought by my awkwardness had been repaired, "but just previously to my visit it had been blown down, or rather blown away, for its debris was scattered all about, the very floor being parted, plank from plank.
They would have baffled an ordinary man; but the ape-man, accustomed to climbing, saw several places where he might gain a foothold, precarious possibly; but enough to give him reasonable assurance of escape if Numa would but betake himself to the far end of the gulch for a moment.
The lion had no sooner entered the tunnel than he backed immediately out again and, pivoting like a flash, was off across the gulch in full charge after the flying ape-man; but Tarzan's lead was too great--if he could find finger or foothold upon the sheer wall he would be safe; but should he slip from the wet rocks his doom was already sealed as he would fall directly into Numa's clutches where even the Great Tarmangani would be helpless.
After a steep climb and a short walk they halted at the edge of a precipitous cliff and Schneider looked down into a narrow gulch where a single tree grew beside a tiny rivulet and sparse grass broke from a rock-strewn soil.
He pointed at the entrance to what appeared to be a cave at the far end of the gulch.
He had almost reached it when a horrid roar broke from the mouth of the cave and almost simultaneously a gaunt, hunger mad lion leaped into the daylight of the gulch.
Upon the brink of the cliff the ape-man turned and looked back into the gulch.
Tenders are invited for Landusky Groundwater Source Control Investigation(developing the analysis necessary to design and install groundwater capture wells within the Landusky Pit complex on the Zortman/Landuskymine reclamation site by capturing contaminatedgroundwater within the Landusky mine site priorto its discharge to Swift Gulch and treat it in the existing Swift Gulch Water Treatment Plant).
Global Banking News-June 3, 2015--The Bank of Nashville opens new branch in Gulch Crossing
New Brunswick's access to information commissioner will decide in the coming days whether to launch an investigation into whether someone tampered with the guest list of Larry's Gulch to remove the name of a newspaper editor.
Touching the Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch
Travelers on Alaska Airlines flights between Anchorage and Fairbanks and Anchorage and Kodiak will soon enjoy an extra infusion of local flavour in the form of Silver Gulch Brewing & Bottling Co.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 13, 2014-Alaska Airlines bringing Silver Gulch to local flights