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a musician who plays the guitar

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So a guitarist can request a custom built system tailored to their individual and specific requirements.
Blues rock guitarist Chantel McGregor will perform at Arc on September 24 during the tour which coincides with the release of her second album Lose Control.
For over 40 years the American jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist, composer and record producer has mastered the art of jazzing up the guitar.
He has recorded 18 albums and his original Flamenco Guitar Method El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra is considered to be the bible of Flamenco guitar, a guitarist not to be missed
He's a "He's a modern blues guitarist in the truest sense of the word and worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with the best of the genre.
Starting at 6pm, the concert includes performances by Kristy Gallacher, Lucy Anne Sale, flamenco guitarist Matt Hernandez and harmony trio Thrup'nny Bits.
Also inducted were Randy Bachman from The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, country musician Jimmy Capps, bass guitarist Will Lee, rhythm guitarist Corki Casey O'Dell and country guitarist Velma Smith.
I have been known as a guitarist but a lot of people have responded to the songs, their lyrics and melodies.
Guitarist Schmitt, violinist Blanchard, and accordionist Beier intoned the jaunty melody in unison while rhythm guitarist Mehrstein laid down a boom-chick beat underscored by Nikq's bass lines.
In the meantime, the English guitarist does not forget to ask for money.
He's collaborated with Lionel Hampton and Madonna, covers Mozart and Black Sabbath on the same record, and is one of Les Paul's favorite guitarists.
German guitarist Uli Jon Roth will perform at Istanbul's Dorock Bar on May 19, and Ankara's Nedjima on May 20.
Jimmy stars alongside Jack and U2 guitarist The Edge in the forthcoming documentary It Might Get Loud.
After a few metronome beats, the "lead" guitarist signalled the start of the performance by tapping the right finger on the guitar fret board.