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primitive tropical bottom-dwelling ray with a guitar-shaped body

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Prohibit the take or possession of stingrays, skates or guitarfish greater than 1.
3m long Bowmouth Guitarfish in their gillnet while operating in off Ras Zarrien near Pasni about 45 km in the offshore waters where the depth of the sea was about
Be the first among your friends to boast that you've petted a shovel-nose guitarfish (a kind of ray) at the new shark touch pool.
I took my fishing pole and cast for a while and then walked and then cast again and eventually hooked a guitarfish.
38% for the smooth-hound bignose shark guitarfish stingray eagle ray and cownose ray respectively.
Meanwhile, the conservationist is calling on the community to report their sightings of sharks, rays, guitarfish and sawfish.
AES is the international professional society for those who study elasmobranchs--sharks and their relatives, the skates, rays, guitarfish and sawfish.
Surprisingly, we have found that the rays, including sawfish, guitarfish, stingrays, and wedgefish, are generally worse off than the sharks, with five out of the seven most threatened families made up of rays, said Dr Colin Simpfendorfer, IUCN SSG Co-Chair and Professor of Environmental Science at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.
Gillnet mesh selectivity for the shovelnose guitarfish (Rhinobatos productus) from fishery-dependent data in the artisanal ray fishery of the Gulf of California, Mexico.
In addition to sharks, you will swim with stingrays, guitarfish, sea turtles, and a host of tropical reef fish.
The team also identified the giant guitarfish, Halavi's guitarfish and six species of ray, which all belong to the same elasmobranch family of marine life as sharks.
A note on elasmobranches (sharks and rays) of UAE and Musandam, Oman, with special mention of Bowmouth Guitarfish or Shark Ray (Rhina ancylostoma).
According to the Shark Project Oman there are around 30 shark, nine rayfish and six guitarfish species found in the waters around Oman.
Nurse Sharks, Fantail Rays, Guitarfish and all the small reef associated species are commonly found on the ocean's bed while the sharks prefer to be in the darker rocky areas and caves.