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shaped in the form of a guitar

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There is entertainment all week long with live music, numerous plasma screen TVs, private rooms for parties or corporate events, as well as a 95-foot guitar-shaped bar.
He also makes pasta with the legendary Italian chitarra, a guitar-shaped pasta cutting tool that makes squared-off spaghetti, served with minced lamb.
We've even made guitar-shaped sinks and a baby grand piano coffee table out of concrete.
If you love music, for instance, you'll find an array of products from guitar-shaped cushions to record clocks.
Check out this sweet space, complete with your very own 50-foot, guitar-shaped swimming pool.
n_We told you last month that they would be coming and now Arab News has the first photos of the Aly & AJ guitar-shaped video game controllers from Performance Designed Products (PDP).
Another video game, Guitar Hero, has players press buttons on a guitar-shaped controller and strum on its body to play along to songs The game could help patients regain fine motor coordination in smaller muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrist.
You have a guitar-shaped controller complete with fret buttons, a "strum bar" (there are no strings) and a whammy bar.
Or there's the time Elvis sent him a huge guitar-shaped bouquet of flowers when their Las Vegas residencies overlapped because 'The King' was a fan too.
Plug this plastic guitar-shaped console into their PlayStation and play along to 64 brand new tracks like Freebird, Sweet Child O' Mine and You Really Got Me.
The guitar-shaped coffin was lead in by three female gothic pallbearers, and a rock vicar delivered an impassioned tribute to the once-great fictional instrument.
It was also their 40th NEC show and to mark the occasion they were presented with a plaque and a large guitar-shaped cake.
cocktails, served in souvenir guitar-shaped shakers, kept the momentum going through the summer, as did the "Hard Rockin' Country" promotion coordinated with Brad Paisley's release, "Time Well Wasted," and featuring Corona beer and the South Beach Cooler.
James's expertise on the unusual guitar-shaped, flat-backed bouzouki has been featured in masterclasses in Australia, Britain and Canada.