guitar player

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a musician who plays the guitar

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Dave was a truly wonderful guitar player and, you will find, was an inspiration to so many.
With its narrowed, specific focus on "Highway Star", fellow guitar players receive exact insights on the special requirements of learning a complex piece: "I did several full-speed run-throughs with the CD today.
HOME AGAIN : Virtuoso guitar player Robin Hill who is from Huddersfield, plays a lunchtime concert in Dewsbury
You'd see these bands that were successful and you'd meet the guitar player and wonder, `You can play, but you don't.
The show is illustrated with music from the 50s with songs featuring those famous riffs by, among others, Scotty Moore and Gene Vincent's guitar player Cliff Gallup.
If so, says Lovedog, "I better be the guitar player, or I'll just have to throw a big bitch fit.
Licorice is candy, but it's not too sweet candy," says Dan Littleton, a guitar player in Liquorice, That aptly describes the music that comes out of Littleton and Jenny Toomey, his partner, music that sounds like Joni Mitchell filtered through a '90s sensibility: acoustic guitar and sweet, meandering vocals underscored by an in-charge, unflustered attitude that only rarely cracks to show an iota of vulnerability.
His album "The Mystery" earned him a Grammy nomination, and in 2008 Guitar Player Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine named him Best Acoustic Guitarist and Gold Medalist in the Readers' Choice and Players' Choice Awards.
Best known for his unique musical style and blindingly fast hybrid picking technique, English guitarist ALBERT LEE is often referred to within the music industry as the "guitar player's guitar player," renowned for his work across several genres of music and for the respect that he has garnered from other industry giants.
From pioneering artists of exciting, different guitar styles from India, Africa, Japan and more to music arranged for guitar players at all levels, this is packed with everything needed for a guitar player to learn new rhythms based on world music.
Grammy Award Winner in 2002 and nominated again in 2005, Albert was voted Guitar Player Magazine's 'Best Country Guitar Picker' five times.
Chris: "Brian's a burning guitar player, and we've tried to incorporate everything he learned in his past, bringing guitar into electronic music.
Now, though, Dave Spencer is leaving, and so Tokyo are looking for a suitable replacement ( ideally a second guitar player or a competent keyboard player, and backing vocals are a necessity.
The greatest guitar player is John Taylor from Duran Duran.
and it makes you sound like you are the greatest guitar player, even if you're not