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a guitar whose sound is amplified by electrical means

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For some years, the line-up has generally been that of a typical folk-rock band - an electric guitar, electric bass, and drum kit - supplemented by a fiddle and fronted by a female vocalist for most of their songs.
To further the intimacy, Amy Ray (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonica) and Emily Saliers (vocals, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bouzouki, mandolin) recorded `Become You' in their hometown of Athens, Ga.
During his 11 years with Fairport (he left at the end of 1996), Allcock was a jack-of-all instruments, turning his hand during the course of a concert to electric guitar, electric bouzouki and sundry keyboards.
The piece is scored for two saxophones, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, electric bass, electronic piano, piano, and a battery of percussion instruments.
Keith Richards - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Nick and Helen Forster, Founders and Producers of the National radio program, ETown, contribute lap steel guitar, electric guitar, bass and background vocals to "Blue Colorado" which chronicles Ollman's relief as he watched his formerly red state turn to blue in 2008.
Performers who can also play guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar or drums are also needed for certain key roles (Buddy, Joe, Jerry, Tommy).
In recent weeks he has transported an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, amplifier and didgeridoo.
Combining folk, funk, jazz, and rock with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and trumpet, Denmantau has created their own renowned signature sound.