guinea pig

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a person who is subjected to experimental or other observational procedures

stout-bodied nearly tailless domesticated cavy


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The campaigners believe using guinea pigs in research is a waste of time.
But if you're not fussy and just want a nice pet "piggy", there are plenty of cross-bred guinea pigs to be found in pet shops, while breeders always have plenty for sale which don't quite make the show grade.
And she spends three days a week uploading films while regularly updating social media - if not, she gets messages "asking if the guinea pigs are okay".
They would also need a run or play pen for the guinea pigs to use.
The 1,000 super guinea pigs shipped out weekly ( mostly to the United States ( weigh two pounds.
London, August 1 (ANI): An elite team of guinea pigs has entered the Guinness Book of World Records by setting two new records.
The girls help their mum Alice with the cleaning out and love to play with the two guinea pigs.
Lars Lewejohann worked with a team of researchers from the University of Munster, Germany, to investigate the differing abilities of the two types of guinea pig.
Gilbert and his class, multiplied with another guinea pig to five guinea pigs, and then to twenty eight weeks later
There are a huge variety of designs available for every taste and budget but essentially the hutch needs to have a warm, dry enclosed area for sleeping and a living area which will have space for the guinea pig to exercise, eat and go to the toilet.
Her adoption fee is just $20 and comes with a free class to teach you all you need to know about being a Guinea pig guardian.
Later the same day a member of staff logged a death in custody - unbelievably it was the guinea pig.
A PREGNANT guinea pig was abandoned in a garden and was taken in by a charity in the nick of time before giving birth.
Becky Magson, who runs an online business which sells guinea pig gifts and gives advice on looking after the animals, believes G-Force, an animated film about guinea pig spies, will raise the animals' profile.