guinea hen

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flesh of a guinea fowl (especially of hens)

female guinea fowl

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It is called Guinea Hen Weed in Jamaica and Trinidad, Anamu in the Dominican Republic, Apacin and Apacina in Guatemala, and Mucura in Peru.
In addition to a brawny wine list, heady dishes such as truffles, guinea hen, and occasional star appearances by foie gras inebriate willing guests.
And if they succeed, they would owe it to what's being learned from these insects and other animals, such as the guinea hen, that have their own remarkable abilities.
Unfamiliar sights or sounds will always create a fuss, but the guinea hen is much more noisy than the guinea cock.
Roadrunner or a guinea hen, I know so little about birds.
like a guinea hen arranging its barnyard nest of dust.
In the meat and game-bird category, we opted to sample the lemon herb duck breast with duck hash and preserved cherries and the pan-seared beef filet with wild nettle risotto, asparagus and morel mushrooms, but other offerings included roasted quail, loin of lamb, guinea hen breast and spiced squab - all sounding delicious.
What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander, but it is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck, the turkey or the Guinea hen," wrote Alice B.
The Tandoori-style Guinea hen is the perfect blend of Caribbean and Middle Eastern flavors: The hen is served on a bed of cous-cous flavored with Colombian coconut, pineapple and cilantro.
An exception is the Guinea Hen Flower, which thrives in damp areas.
Just last October, the French Interprofessional Guinea Hen Committee organized a value-added frozen poultry competition, and the Brittany-based company Arrive won first prize.
The diverse and dynamic menu will feature Chef Kevin Willmann's Yellow Fin Tuna with black trumpet mushrooms, pear vanilla puree and lavash; Chef Jonathan Sawyer's "Whole Pig," Pork Loin Saltimbocca, cola braised bone in belly, scrapple, pomme puree and red eye gravy, as well as Farotto with Squash, king trumpet mushrooms, guinea hen egg and sage from Chef Jenn Louis.
Bar favourites such as daiquiri with kafir lime and peanut milk with bourbon make perfect accompaniments to oxtail dumplings and fried guinea hen.
The menu isn't made public until late, but will follow tradition - the likes of guinea hen with porcini mushrooms and lingonberries, and many a fine wine.
Among the featured entrees during my visit were a New York steak cut of King Canyon bison ($40), a pan-seared guinea hen ($32) and the restaurant's signature dish, rack of Colorado lamb ($43).