guilty conscience

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Synonyms for guilty conscience

remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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As they proceeded, they beheld columns of smoke rising, as before, in various directions, which their guilty consciences now converted into alarm signals, to arouse the country and collect the scattered bands for vengeance.
Or perhaps we merely imagined them, under the strain of our guilty consciences.
I don't know if it's some kind of guilty conscience thing but she is laying it on thick.
I agree - avoiding you, not sleeping with you and not looking you in the eye are all bad signs and point to a guilty conscience.
John Paul continues to nurse his guilty conscience over Harry, especially when a good deed goes wrong, while Patrick manipulates eresa into helping with his latest scheme, making her an o'er she can't refuse, and Ziggy considers a new career when Lockie proposes a business idea.
He nurses a guilty conscience as his thoughts turn to his involvement in the last job and so sets about trying to make things right - although little does he realise his actions are going to impact on Col.
Manama: A thief with a guilty conscience has asked for forgiveness from a Saudi man whose shoes he had stolen eight years ago.
After delivering the sentences for this, the journalist of Lajm demanded Demaqi to make a comment, who said that "there is no guilty conscience for the support he gave to BDI and Ahmeti.
Holiday Readies his New Album Guilty Conscience for release on December 10, 2013
With a guilty conscience, Dierberger eventually called police, and the morons owned up to shooting one of the Canadas with a rifle as it stood in a mud puddle.
People like the Stop The War coalition said he was only doing it because of his guilty conscience and it still did not mean he should not be prosecuted as a war criminal.
If the governor has a guilty conscience at all for the country's bad economic policy, the only answer to all of these questions is that this is the best that can be drawn out from this monetary policy.
It's a long time for someone to have a guilty conscience but it's a case of better late than never.
Dionne, that the Democrats will give an inch on abortion are looking at the world through distorted lenses ("Let your guilty conscience be your guide," Expert Witness, October).
They didn't specify whether the move was due to a guilty conscience on their part or sky-high levels of industrial chemicals in the fish.