guilty conscience

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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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With a guilty conscience, Dierberger eventually called police, and the morons owned up to shooting one of the Canadas with a rifle as it stood in a mud puddle.
People like the Stop The War coalition said he was only doing it because of his guilty conscience and it still did not mean he should not be prosecuted as a war criminal.
If the governor has a guilty conscience at all for the country's bad economic policy, the only answer to all of these questions is that this is the best that can be drawn out from this monetary policy.
Dionne, that the Democrats will give an inch on abortion are looking at the world through distorted lenses ("Let your guilty conscience be your guide," Expert Witness, October).
They didn't specify whether the move was due to a guilty conscience on their part or sky-high levels of industrial chemicals in the fish.
Under an assumed identity, she meets and befriends her lover's estranged wife, Sophie, determined to fix the marriage she has broken and get rid of Matthew and her newly acquired guilty conscience in one fell swoop.
Betting against a guilty conscience is hopeless for anyone seeking peace, but getting settled into this debut novel leaves little comfort for anyone who refuses to see truth in love and family ties.
You deserve every moment of the self-loathing that your guilty conscience is inflicting right now - and so does Calum.
Two per cent of sleep talkers say their nightly babbling is due to a guilty conscience, but most blame their sleep talking on stress, followed by alcohol, nightmares, caffeine and eating too late.
We say don't question the motive behind the gifts, be it guilty conscience or tax benefit.
It appears that a guilty conscience is no longer enough to make us to do the right thing.
Reckless in the pursuit of a point, I immediately went and bought a copy of Windows XP to prove that acting morally is always cheaper than a guilty conscience.
One of the goals of the juvenile justice system was to prevent adults who had committed crimes as juveniles from the burden of (a) a criminal record (b) a guilty verdict (c) a guilty conscience (d) additional punishment.
If you have normal blood pressure and cholesterol, no family history of heart disease, and you exercise, you can enjoy an egg-a-day without a guilty conscience.
But the protagonist's self-analysis is now more complex and subtle: after his beloved wife's death, she appears on the scene as an additional voice, pacifying his guilty conscience and bringing him peace and serenity in his old age.