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If state authorities have doubts or direct/indirect evidences about the guiltiness of an individual, they should materialize or argue that in legal procedure, but not by gaining enforced answers or enforced confessions from the suspect or the defendant (Bilalli, 2011: 81).
O my dread lord, I should be guiltier than my guiltiness To think I can be undiscernible, When I perceive your Grace, like power divine, Hath looked upon all my passes.
Because of the death, the significant party especially family members would be experiencing impacts including fear, guiltiness, helplessness, confuse, mental disturbances, showing physical health symptoms that would also affect daily activities.
The first is guiltiness, which is accompanied by "the lessening of the majesty of the human countenance" and "terrors of conscience" (1.
Go to your bosom, Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know That's like my brother's fault; if it confess A natural guiltiness, such as is his, Let it not sound a thought upon your tongue Against my brother's life.
During the session, the defendants pleaded not guilty, but the Military Prosecution asserted that investigations and reports of the Forensic Science Laboratory are enough proofs of their guiltiness.
He said that to enforce law and comply with its provisions, all sides whose guiltiness will be proved will be prosecuted.
34) Even Calvin recommends a kind of confession and other signs of guiltiness upon affliction by calamities (Institutes, 3.