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feeling or revealing a sense of guilt

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Dear Guilt-Ridden Christmas Giver: Rid yourself of that guilt, because it's the thought that counts, and it's incredibly thoughtful of you and your wife to make gifts.
However, the celebrations turn sour when Mitchell is ejected from the event and seeks revenge on Lydia, leaving a guilt-ridden Ali to embark on a voyage of self-discovery by organising a charity auction for a human rights organisation.
Summary: A guilt-ridden New Yorker returned a massive marble stone he took from an archaeological site in Jerusalem's Old City 12 years ago, Israel's Antiquities Authority said on Tuesday.
Summary: A system which can recycle thousands of tonnes of used disposable nappies is being launched, to the relief of guilt-ridden parents.
A guilt-ridden thief who stole pounds 150 when he was at art college 30 years ago has finally paid back the cash with interest, his former tutors revealed yesterday.
Albert Finney has a few powerful scenes as Wilberforce's spiritual mentor, reformed slave-ship captain turned guilt-ridden cleric John Newton.
A GUILT-ridden thief who stole pounds 40 from a charity collection not only returned the money two days later, but made a donation of four times as much.
Using a cow brain to outwit her very nasty step-aunt, Princess So-Wise embarks on a journey in which she must cope with a tall tower, seven dirty dwarves, an episode of vomiting near a haystack, some very delicious cooking, foolish scarecrows, difficult maps, a guilt-ridden queen, an "inzy craventor", and a great many more troubles along her way.
I've talked with men who were really emotionally damaged and guilt-ridden on account of their separation from their kids," said founder B.
Don't turn the clock back to those guilt-ridden years.
In "Weight," a guilt-ridden son remembers his mother as a "weight lifter" who lifts not dumbbells, but the burdens of her children, her neighbors, even total strangers who cross her path.
GUILT-RIDDEN Kieron Dyer reckons he betrayed Sir Bobby Robson and contributed to his sacking at Newcastle.
As Paul, Marnika is both angry and guilt-ridden over his Nanno's condition and his own responses to it.
Many guilt-ridden, frustrated bystanders or the fraudsters themselves decide to leave an organization altogether.
He thinks he might have found his dream in baby-faced Ichi, a reluctant and guilt-ridden monster who slices people to ribbons with razor-tipped boots.