guilt pang

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pangs of feeling guilty

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Nidhi Sharma, a divorcee, has no guilt pangs dating married men.
You can literally eat it to your heart's content on a variety of foods - you won't suffer any guilt pangs, and your body will thank you," he added.
WE'RE all acutely aware of global warming and more drivers are having guilt pangs about the impact cars are having on the world around you.
This is an issue that truly jeopardizes the sanctity of the family and ought to give every politician guilt pangs.
The tasty ravioli entree was the typical Italian affair, but drowning in a rich butter-based sauce that gave us weight watchers guilt pangs.
Q -Qualms Those annoying little guilt pangs you get during a fit of loneliness and self-loathing, when you comfort yourself by eating all the dog's chocolate treats.
There's always those guilt pangs, being away from them.
The movie's heart is so clearly emblazoned on its sleeve that sophisticated lesbian and gay viewers may suffer guilt pangs if they find themselves shifting in their seats, rolling their eyes, or waiting politely for the house lights to go on before bolting up the aisle.
Moreover, nearly half of sports fanatics, foodies, and techies say they enjoy spending on their passion without ever feeling guilty, while fashionistas were more likely to admit feeling guilt pangs about their spending (50%).
So those guilt pangs do visit me when the work demands take my attention off her when I am at home too.
As the time for advertising Fergus draws nearer, I'm starting to get a few guilt pangs about replacing him with a younger model.
And OK, I know I'm very lucky, but sometimes I get serious guilt pangs about how much I've spent.
I do get guilt pangs when we have to choose between one thing and another.
I had terrible guilt pangs about leaving my eldest kids when they were younger," he admits.