guilt feelings

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remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense

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Considering the findings about remorse, social-responsibility and interpersonal guilt and observations that guilt feelings are only short-lived and superficial and mostly experienced as a result of good and bad actions but not right versus wrong actions, one can propose that in the context of Izmir/Turkey's consumer culture, personalized value systems outweigh the societal ones.
Excessive procrastination can result in guilt feelings about not doing a task when it should be done and can also cause anxiety because the need to do most things does not get eliminated simply because you're avoiding it.
In our study, some of the research participants reported a troubled relationship between themselves and the suicide victim prior to the suicide as an important aspect of their guilt feelings.
A number of findings suggested that attributions and guilt feelings are related but distinct experiences for women and can have differing effects on women's psychological well-being.
This would mitigate the guilt feelings, help the community, and maybe even instill a bit of the euphoria sought.
We have had the Christmas and birthday ritual of requests for a pet, and our refusal, always accompanied by great guilt feelings on my part at least, has allowed my son to make secondary outrageous demands with which I have felt obliged to acquiesce.
A voice from a respected newspaper urging us all to suppress guilt feelings when we lie, and to regard falsehood and fabrication as acceptable conduct, we decidedly do not need.
Although guilt constitutes an important distressing emotion experienced among pregnant therapists, the literature makes scant reference to therapists', and especially to field students', guilt feelings during pregnancy.
Its effectiveness was measured by answering the following three questions: (1) Did families report gains in family members' perceived ability to manage the illness and related crises, knowledge about the illness, feelings of control, guilt feelings, and knowledge of resources?
An expert who unconsciously experiences guilt feelings that motivate him or her to protect "underdogs," may, without realizing it, discount information unfavorable to a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit.
He also challenges the guilt feelings of mums who are the victims of domestic violence.
With HAM-D7, patients are rated on depressed mood, guilt feelings, involvement in work and activities, psychological anxiety, somatic anxiety, somatic symptoms, and suicide.
Underlying this were strong guilt feelings about the move and a sense of isolation and insecurity in her new job.
No more guilt feelings for leaving your furry friend.