guilt by association

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the attribution of guilt (without proof) to individuals because the people they associate with are guilty

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29) Douds, the Court's first Cold War encounter with test oaths and guilt by association, became the government's main precedent as it defended other anti-subversive measures in the ensuing years.
She still works in law on criminal appeals, and when she started writing Guilt By Association she had a full caseload, squeezing in writing when she should have been sleeping, she recalls.
I FAIL to see the point of the letter from GB of Shepley unless it seeks to establish guilt by association and somehow link Alan Brooke to Gaddafi (Mailbag, March 15).
The 1975 blockbuster Jaws tapped into that primal fear but also demonized great white sharks and, via guilt by association, many other species.
Louis, Missouri jury ruled that guilt by association is an invitation for women to be violated.
Excerpts from Guilt By Association, the first release in the Criminal State series, are posted at: http://criminalstate.
Nonetheless, political guilt by association can cripple the candidacy of even the most qualified candidate.
But there is a huge difference between ignoring the threat of Islamic radicals and assigning guilt by association to any member of the world's second-largest religion.
Ayers said in the interview -- the first he's given since he became an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign -- that Republicans were trying to make a case of guilt by association.
This is a classic case of guilt by association," Lieutenant Commander Brian Mizer, an assigned military defence lawyer for Hamdan, told the court.
chosen not to as this would expose him to guilt by association and to widespread criticism".
Who among us has not been accused of guilt by association for the Spanish Inquisition?
In a phone interview, Washington Post Political Columnist Dana Milbank, who also appears regularly on MSNBC, believes that "we can do better than guilt by association in politics.
surely Stewie is suffering from guilt by association where Mac is concerned?
Mercedes Ruehl stars in GUILT BY ASSOCIATION (0788606875), telling of a single mother raising two children who discovers her new boyfriend is a drug dealer.